February 27, 2017

The Dorm

Throwback to New Year's Eve, I was already laying on top of bunk bed at 10pm ready to call it a day. I was too tired both physically and mentally. This spontaneous getaway was meant for me to take a break and refresh my mind for the beginning of the year. But it turned out that my brain still couldn't stop thinking about everything and I miss home more than I could imagine.

I don't usually meet Asians in the same dorm but this time around we have 3—one from Malaysia and two from our neighbourhood country Singapore! It was such a shame I didn't get to talk and share so much with them as I'm in anti-social mode most of the time, struggling with myself.

My ideal NYE night started off with a good shower after a (really) long day of walking. Then I enjoyed my quiet time in bed watching videos over my tab with my earphones on while getting myself comfortable in my PJs where the fresh laundry scent still lingers around. My designated bed was facing the window where I got to see what's happening outside the street. The rooftop party was happening since evening and it's getting louder as it's also getting late. It did not bother me much.

However, I was wide awake until 4 before I can finally fall asleep. Few hours later I woke up for breakfast and continue to explore as it will be my last day here before catching the night flight home.

lobby & bar

So long Saigon, thank you for the perfect weather 3 days continuously. Thank you for making it so easy to explore places on foot. I will see you when I see you.

January 23, 2017




這一年來不算有很大突破,可是生活中卻發生了很值得記錄的大小事:例如搬新家、在潤年的29號給刺了個MATCHING TATTOO、告訴雙方家長我們要結婚了,開始了籌備婚禮的節奏、生日旅行期間意外地被補上了求婚、然後於上個月在親朋好友的見證下完成了註冊手續,成為合法夫妻、買了部新車取代為我們家服務了15年的阿ENG(T__T)⋯⋯去了好多地方走走和旅行、也去了好多的演唱會:Richard Marx、鄭秀文、張敬軒、五月天(就差我杰倫哥了,因為放票那天我還在環島嗚嗚)



後來也持續了「一年一部機」的習俗,幾個月前了部舊底片機OLYMPUS XA1來玩玩。(心虛中)因為希望三個月內能成功敗下那夢寐以求的微單寶貝回家玩。相機控的掙扎痛苦,應該就只有好攝之徒才能明白。加上今年壞了兩個不怎麼便宜的腳架,是時候忍痛投資品質好一點的旅行腳架了。


January 20, 2017

Sheer Majestic Scale

Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya
Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya
Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya

(Wat Phanan Choeng)

Following our journey in the majestic ruins of Ayutthaya, we found ourselves in Wat Phanan Choeng. The exterior of the temple looks nothing attractive because they're reconstructing part of it so it looks just like a basic temple. I followed the crowd walking into the hall to check out other statues and came across this door where everyone was stuck outside waiting for their turn to get in. Out of curiosity, I joined in the queue to get in.

Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya
the magnificent luang pho tho

Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya
can you imagine how huge it is?

And WOW, this awe-inspiring gigantic golden statue literally made our jaw dropped. I was clearly not prepared for this sheer beauty. My heart skipped a beat and later felt so calm looking at it.

Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya
Wat Phanan Choeng @ Ayutthaya

We were really lucky to be there during the time where the ceremony taken place so we get to witness and got ourselves involved in the ceremony. Worshippers passed the yellow robe on a metal tray over their head to the front and start chanting prayers for blessings, just in time for new year.

January 12, 2017


Flying with AirAsia
light leak surprise

It always give me mixed feeling being at the airport. I wouldn't call it my favourite place, but I like the excitement where I get butterflies in stomach every time I'm about to visit a new place or going back to an old place with different people, or better yet, alone by myself. I also like the feeling of being cut off and unreachable. It pretty much feels like I'm off from the world we all know and it's so good to have that feeling once in a while.

I'm not even halfway through posts about family trip to Bangkok yet. I really just need to jot everything down so that I remember how this particular place and situation made me feel before I forgot, especially when there's no visual evidences of the event.

Flying with AirAsia

Looking back through the past years made me realised how often I travelled. I guess it's the wanderlust in me, everytime a trip ends I will start planning and look forward to next one. Sometimes I can't help but ask myself, am I all set to settle down just yet? To think about it, I owed AirAsia gratitude for making it affordable for people like me, who hardly has any savings, to travel in Southeast Asia with limited budgets. Evon & I are really into being super spontaneous, whenever I have a place to go in mind I will pop the question to her and she'll mostly reply wit a "yes let's go!" because why not if the tix rate is within our budget?


I happened to have a lot of airplane wing photos taken from the window seat. It's a love and hate thingy. I used to like window seat a lot, just to make sure I get enough sunlight for my food photos and whatever I'm going to do. Recently I always get the aisle seat, which is good because I don't have to bother anyone to get up so I can use the washroom.

Anyway, back to that question again—am I ready to settle down? I can tell you for sure–HELL YES! I want to believe even with being married and growing our own family, I'll still be able to do what I love. No one knows me better than Joe. I'm 101% sure he will allow me to do and pursue whatever I want. But of course I'm aware that I need to have sense of responsibility because I'm no longer by myself.

Well time is ticking, it's just another 134 days until our big day and we have so much to follow up and it's just so worrying and scary to think of! Joe is trying to calm myself all the time and tell me things will be solve eventually, let's just face it with an open mind. Last few days we had our first ever problem. One of our Airbnb stays in Jeju have been rejected and fully refunded, which really hit me like heart attack. Not only it's one place we were so thrilled to stay at but it will be one of the scenes for our pre-wedding shoot. I actually booked everything last September and innocently thinking we're only waiting for the day to come.
Wedding Preparation Tips #1: Always have a Plan B in your pocket.

January 10, 2017

Travel Back In Time

Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol @ Ayutthaya

(Wat Yai Chai Mongkol)

I was exceptionally looking forward to this day and I'm not disappointed. I like Ayutthaya a lot. Everything from the magnificent buddha statues, the impressive structure of the ruins.. It's just so amazing. Wandering in the ruins made me feel like I've stepped back through time. I made a brief study on Ayutthaya history before the trip so I have an idea of what to expect. I can't wait to visit again next time because we only got to spend half day here this time around.
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