I think I have/had depression. I have read through every articles about the symptoms of depression and it hit me right in the feels. It's pretty obvious, the way I treated Joe, that when he gets home from work or on weekends when he's home, I keep pointing fingers at almost everything he did or did not do, what's worse, I also throw tantrums for no reason at all. After one whole month when I finally took the guts to speak to him, only he realised I actually had a problem wtf. Anyway, we're now back to lovey dovey family of 3, cracking stupid jokes, laughing at Alyssa's funny faces and actions while watching shows together at night.
Central HK

近這兩個月的時間都過得蠻充實的。四月尾去了一趟香港,看了期待已久的張敬軒演唱會、做了很多適合親子的活動—例如去逛書展、參觀水族館等等 😅 參加了RONNIE & RENN簡單不失結浪漫的婚禮,再來檳城一日游,跟月子中心認識的媽咪朋友相約在兒童遊樂場喝茶玩玩,曉薇趁連假來玩了3D2N,接着就是自己媽咪來過了4D3N,過後就恢復了平常過日子的節奏。
Hinside Out 2019

喜歡他對生活的熱誠、對音樂的執著、對生命和非生命的敬重⋯⋯ 他一直很努力堅守原則和想法地只做自己,不受外界影響,就這一點讓我深感敬佩,也成了我一直會想關注他的原因之一。由於在演唱前夕患上感冒,所以嗓音沒有以往的零瑕疵,可是看著他很賣力的在獻唱,不想讓觀眾粉絲失望,心裡真是滿滿的感動。
Crybaby 2

Aly was down with fever since Friday. We were so helpless as this is our first time experience a fever. I think it might be due to teething. I also had bad flu on and off for the same period of time. It's so irritable because up to this day I'm still not fully healed yet even after 2 visits to the clinic. 😩
Noc Coffee, Causeway Bay
Noc Coffee, Causeway Bay

It's long weekend in HK because of Easter Holiday so Canny earned an extra day off to meet me, which I'm really grateful for, despite how jet-lagged and restless she might be as she just touched down from US only 6 hours ago.

Initially I wanted to go % Arabica @ Kennedy Town because it is the only branch that has the best view facing the sea(you can easily tell I have a thing for the ocean). When we arrived, we saw a long queue stretching down the road under the scorching sun. How crazy! So we told the driver to drop us off elsewhere.

Noc Coffee, Causeway Bay
Noc Coffee, Causeway Bay

I knew it from the beginning that I am never a city person, from the first Taiwan trip, countless Bangkok trips, then Korea, it only continues to convince me that I'm really more of a beach/island kinda person. So I really, really enjoy this short moment we had in Noc Coffee, getting away from the hustle and bustle of this busy city. It's a cosy little(literally, they have only 1 table) coffee shop situated just next to Lee Gardens 3 Causeway Bay.

Not to mention they have nice coffee and cakes too!

I have to believe that it's your travel companions that matters. I love Bali, even Nyepi's Day falls on our vacation period—we only found out 2 weeks before the trip. So glad that we made it happen. It's one of the best trips in my life. It's so free and easy, just as my usual holiday style. Initially we wanted to be a part of Ann's pre-wedding shoot at a church but it was being called off due to unforeseen circumstances.

Paddy field

I was kinda surprised to find our villa smaller than what I have expected, but it's just nice to divide the rooms to 5 different groups and each room has king-sized bed and own bathroom. The view of paddy field was pretty breathtaking especially in the morning. Our first 3 days in Bali was very cloudy, definitely not the best kind of weather for a vacation but we had it all worked out somehow.

Nyepi's Day is Balinese New Year, it also means day of silence. It's really one of a kind experience to be in Bali during this time. What are the odds people will actually book your flight to Bali for this day? The Balinese takes this celebration very seriously because on this day, there'll be no phone data, no lights, shops will be closed, even airport too. No one is allowed on the street, everyone must stay in. We went to supermarket several times just to make sure we have enough foods and drinks for the following day.

In the evening on Nyepi's Eve, Pak Made(our driver) was kind enough to take us to his village where the Ogoh-ogoh parade took place in. What an opportunity to witness such unique local culture and ritual!

Nyepi's Eve
Nyepi's Eve
Nyepi's Eve
Nyepi's Eve
Nyepi's Eve

Pretty sure everyone were well rested on Nyepi's, since there isn't anything to do we can sleep as late as we want. Thank God for Netflix so the guys can watch movies. I don't even remember what the rest was doing. After breakfast I went back to my room and just lay down comfortably in bed and did nothing. This one quiet moment, even with the sound of pouring rain, really allowed me to reconnect with my inner side again. It's a great reminder that we should sometimes take a pause in life and be thankful.


Next day we booked a van to Ubud for lunch and sightseeing before we split and moved to our booked hotel at Ubud, Seminyak and Kuta respectively. We invited Melvin to join us on the last day since he's staying nearby. We also hired a babysitter for our last day. It was the best decision we made! I took the time to go for 2 hours spa while the guys just hang out at the pool bar. After that we went to Potato Head Club and spent the evening there.

She surely knows how to party.

Chandra was our best investment during this trip. 🤓