Friday, September 9, 2016

Hola Bangkok!

Urbana Langsuan

This is our 3rd trip within 9 months. -_- It's a different kind of trip this time as we stay in Langsuan area instead of the usual Pratunam. Man, I'm honestly so bored with Bangkok to the extent the each time I heard of it I feel so annoyed. I also dislike having to waste so much time in between waiting & flying.

B Story Cafe

Meeting Teddy for the first time is totally out of my plan. She saw my post and text me so we unhesitatingly plan for a quick date since she travelled alone, her time is pretty flexible. We met up at Platinum mall and walk to B Story Cafe next to Ratchathewi station, with the help of Google Maps wtf. It was so hot it hurts, we're sweating and also walking fast, trying to escape from the sun as we didn't wear sunscreen.

Desserts @ B Story Cafe

The spoons and plates are so lovely! I was like, can I just steal these home?

About 2 hours passed and suddenly my phone rang... It was Casey, who thoughtfully ask if I can get back to hotel for a little gathering to celebrate his promotion back at their penthouse.

It's just difficult to say no when being asked right to your face..








Engagement Party

And we actually got thrown a surprise engagement party! They have planned this for months how sweet is that. The whole process has been recorded in video. I looked so puzzled at the beginning of it wtf. They have prepared champagnes and some Thai street foods. I never thought I could have a group of friends who would do this for us. I'm starting to like all the party planning and gathering thing.

I don't usually make up when I travel(especially in the hottest Bangkok) but I was in the mood to do so after a good sleep of 10 hours so how could I possibly not take lots of selfies right? (Thank god it's the same day they threw us the party or else I'll look damn ugly and pale I won't even have pictures to share)

Oh ya I finally made it to Moomin cafe! I'm beyond happy to know they have just opened one in Siam Center last March. Now it's off my checklist for my future HK or JP trip LOL

Moomin Cafe
Hattifatteners @ Moomin Cafe
Moomin Cafe
Moomin Cafe
I am the happiest girl @ Moomin Cafe

I was really the happiest girl on that day.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Maps of Light

My friends love to surprise me out of the blue, it usually happens at the most unexpected time. Earlier this month, I received a birthday parcel full of snacks from Yanni and last weekend, I received my first ever Aesop products from Jenny! From gift wrapping paper, the gift box to the products itself, everything felt so Jenny-ish! It's as if she wrapped herself in this box. And this came right on time as I've just finished up my body shampoo(& keep forgetting to buy a new one).

Anyway, the highlight of the week would be—after a month of long wait, we finally got our new ride last weekend! So thrilled and happy with the ride experience so far! Just can't wait to go on more road trips!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Blessed July

Hello everybody I'm back! I was on a month break travelling around, mostly back and forth my beloved hometown, trying to fully utilise the whole month before starting my new job, which is why I'm super busy.

But first, let me make an announcement.

The Proposal

Isn't this hard to believe?! I'm going to get married!!! I have never imagine myself as a married person. And marrying my best friend? I have the weirdest feeling but.. it's really happpenningg!! I did not see this coming because as I know, the ring will only be ready by end of July. We are already half way through the wedding prep so I assumed this part will no longer be necessary.

But I should have realised! He's been trying to behave naturally while he's not 100% natural most times. He don't usually carry a messenger bag and he bought one before the trip just so he could keep the ring and take it out whenever the timing is right.


We flew to Penang then drove to Hatyai on the first day of July. We got to see the view of beautiful paddy field along North-South Highway at Kedah, it's breathtaking yet so quaint to look at. The journey was not too tiring, it's free and easy too. All thanks to Hans and Andrene's arrangement and hospitality, needless to say we had an awesome time in both Hatyai and Penang.


God knows how excited I am to be able to see him live again. I was there 7 years ago when he first held his concert, it was an ultimate concert experience, his voice is so soulful and powerful as usual. I think I may have seated too close to the stage that I can hear the noises from front speakers.

But I still enjoyed every bits of it! All hail the king!


Before I fly again, we decided to have a family dinner for sis and my birthday celebration. We don't get this chance to celebrate together every year. It's very heart warming and sweet that everyone makes an effort. Even the cake looks rather sad.. I felt so loved!


And Krabi... never disappoints.

I remembered texting him and tell him everything about my trip(I'm so used to share him everything) and he would say "OMG I want to go there one day!" Many years have gone by, can't believe we are here together.

Look at that panoramic view we got on top! *tearsofjoy* I wished we can just relax on bed with aircon on full blast. We love our stay in Phi Phi Island so much. To get to the room we have to walk up hundreds of stairs, they even have the calories calculator signs to keep you motivated.

Then we took a stroll along the beach, sat by the beach and had a bottle of beer while admiring the view at golden hour. It's amazing how the sky changes the way it looks every minutes.

The next day Joe went for scuba discovery while I joined the group for snorkelling. I love swimming in the ocean! This is the very same boat I was on last year with Evon. I like that it's free and easy with less than 15 person on the boat. Lunch and fruits will be served, and you get to make hot coffee as much as you can drink. You can also shamelessly occupy any preferable space on the deck for sunbathing session, how about that?

The kid who works on the boat led us to swim to a hidden beach nearby. The view is ahhhmazing, the white sand is so soft. Me and the other girl regretted not having our GoPro with us. It's a small bay with lots of hermit crabs, like a hermit crabs' sanctuary. We found ourselves laying down on the beach, just relax. It felt great. Not long after we heard sound of whistle far away from boat, we know it's time to get back.

Koh Hong, where he kneeled down and popped the question(on his birthday btw). I honestly do not understand why did he decide to propose here o.O? I mean, I told him that if he ever going to do it, please make sure I have my make up on and decently dressed. And yet he chose the time where I have salty messy hair, completely barefaced, plump body with a mismatched bikini because I thought, who's going to look at me thoroughly and judge me anyway? T__T

It was a very laid-back vacation. We spent a night in Phi Phi Island and 3 nights in Aonang. We have no plans at all, just us and a bike. And holidays are meant for doing nothing, right?


Flying to Singapore was never a part of my plan. But this was when I finally have time to do nothing and catch up on the dramas I missed. I spent time with KY and Jiyen at MBS for dinner and walk. The night view totally blew me away, I wish Joe was with us to admire the view.


Because birthday means you get to claim meal treats from different friends LOL. I managed to spend some time with my girls on a weekend at Greenhouse by Muir. Just another great catch up session, we even did a remake of photos taken many years ago. ♡

Monday, June 13, 2016


桃園機場 • 再 見 台灣
桃園機場 • 再 見 台灣

I thought it would be nice if we can spend 4 days in Taipei as our last stop so I changed the itinerary, to give it an extra day by skipping Yilan. Later the same night I'm deeply regret with my decision. T__T There's nothing really special about Taipei unless you love the hustle and bustle of a city. I dislike city and long for home every single day because I'm staying in a capital city called Kuala-la-la Lumpur.

Taipei City welcomed us with a stiff breeze and high windchill on our first day. The rapid change of temperature each day made it hard to adapt. EK had fever on the first night and Joe on the following night. Thankfully our room equipped with lots of TV channels while the lobby offered unlimited drinks and breads, with washing machine and dryer at the back. There's a 7-11 just opposite us. So it won't be a problem to stay in most of the time.

I left Taipei city with mixed feelings. I don't do airport farewell & I hate saying goodbyes more than anything. Joshua and wifey insisted to send me off at the airport. They walked me to the departure hall where we bid our last goodbye. We gave each others a big warm hug before I walk in. T__T

'Til we meet again. x

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Huashan Creative Park

台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區

It had been raining since the group left Taipei city. It was so @#$%^&*() nice to snuggle up in bed of fresh sheets during rainy period like this. I thought it would be uneasy for me to fall asleep at night(in a capsule hotel) but I woke up 30 mins before check-out time & I am not surprised.

There goes my precious morning T__T

台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區

I ended up spending half of my day at Huashan Creative Park cos it's the nearest from my station, which so happened to be the best decision I've ever made. ヽ(^o^)丿

台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區


You see what I mean here? I felt like the artsy cells inside of my right brain is trying to burst outta my head.

There's a few ongoing flea markets selling all the artsy crafty stuff got me really excited. I wish I can show support to the local artists but I'm only left with thousand over bucks that's just nice for my last day. The least I can do is to purchase some postcards with cute illustration to send some loves back home—the recipients love it!

How I wish Joe was here with me, as I supposed seeing me happy makes him happy too. :o) I'm pretty sure he's gonna love this space, hence I kept sending videos to him.

台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區
台北 • 華山1914文化創意產業園區

It was still drizzling so I made my way to this cafe that caught my attention earlier. It's just stones throw away from the market hall.

台北 • 三重奏 TRIO Cafe
台北 • 三重奏 TRIO Cafe
台北 • 三重奏 TRIO Cafe

I ordered sandwich set that comes with a really nice iced coffee. I'd always opt for hot coffee cos it's more aromatic but this was the best iced coffee ever. I also sent a few photos of the cafe to SW and she was like, "This is exactly the kind of cafe you'd go!" In fact there are few more quirky cafes here to check out. Let's just make sure I will come back with more cash next round then.