This was our first ever trip together. It's always nice and comfortable to be in a country where everyone speaks and understands your language. I get surprised everyday by how impolite and loud some of the locals can be. We stayed in a really old building(looks more like abandoned building) strategically located in the centre of Mongkok, only stones throw away from MRT so it's very convenient, especially with 7-Eleven, McDonalds and a Chinese cafe that operates 24-hours downstairs.

We didn't really prepare a full trip itinerary, but Disneyland is definitely a must-go for us. So touched and surreal seeing all the Disney characters right in front my eyes, happily waving at us and dancing. And then the fireworks at the castle. Everything was so unbelievably magical..

I've had a whole week of holidays and it was a very productive one. First 3 days spent with Daniel because he came here for a short vacation, then bro and aunt's family were here for the next 3 days. We had BBQ at the beach and dad's early birthday celebration at home.

It's been a whole 7 days of beers/liquors(and lack of sleep). I spent so much time with Evon more than I can imagine. Thankfully there were all good times. We were celebrating Peyling's 21st birthday at Bali last night, it was perfect. When the clock strikes twelve, 2 gentlemen walked her down to the aisle surrounded with candles to her birthday cakes then as she blows off the candles, there were fireworks set just next to her by the river. Everything was beautifully planned.

Finally back at work this morning, back to my normal & healthier routine — 8 to 5 working hours, endless OT, movies/drama marathon.

Cherating has been our evening hangout place lately.

Island trip is always so laid-back.

I didn't realise we're still in the month of July until I trying to sort out recent activities I had. 3 more days until my fav month ends & so far it was an amazing one. It started off with a lazy Redang trip with my fav college gang on the 1st day of the month, getting to hang out with some good high school mates quite often, my 23rd birthday celebration; had the first ladies night which happened to be one of the best nights ever. As for the last week I managed to meet up with a good friend from college on his spontaneous biz trip and also, a surprise visit from my long lost high school sweetheart who traveled back all the way from HK.

July has always been a month of blessings.

Drove all the way here during lunch break because we always have 2 hours break for Friday. Locally known as Pantai Teluk Mak Nik, I've always wondered who came up with the name "Monica Bay".
It was last month when I promised Canny to go Singapore with her to meet Ellen(she swapped the flight schedule for us). I bought 2 way bus tickets 2 weeks earlier to keep her convinced. Exactly 12 hours since we left each others last night as I'm writing this.

Singapore has just become a favourite place to visit. My last trip was very laid back because the chosen hostel was too good to sleep in. Ellen's got our accommodation covered this time, with the strategic location of the hotel we were staying - walking distance to the mall & train station which have saved us more quality time to spend together and the best thing is it's only 5 min away from the bus terminal where I should take off from.

It all started with a discussion at the McDonalds of how are we going to sneak into the hotel room, doing facial masks then girls talk before bed, we continued by putting our make up the next day in front of the mirror that could hardly fit the three of us, lunch at Chinatown then spend the rest of our day having coffee at Vivo City.

Surprise surprise! Just love how 2 exposures overlapped in one shot and became a panoramic photo. Finally got this roll developed because I have few shots left after the trip. The film was Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100.

I don't usually remember which film was loaded in the camera or what's the outcome I'm expecting to see but..

"Don't think, just shoot."

Sometimes I'm really thankful that lomo cameras are made of plastic so it's super lightweight to travel with. I can bring it to the sea not having to worry about lens get scratched or camera body getting wet or sand. I'm totally taking the risk as it's also the first time I use this Diana Mini. I tried the square and half/half format in the same roll, experienced film stuck and not being able to roll forward but I'm absolutely loving the outcome. I love how confusing and messy and fun my memories were.