24 Hours

June 20, 2011

It was last month when I promised Canny to go Singapore with her to meet Ellen(she swapped the flight schedule for us). I bought 2 way bus tickets 2 weeks earlier to keep her convinced. Exactly 12 hours since we left each others last night as I'm writing this.

Singapore has just become a favourite place to visit. My last trip was very laid back because the chosen hostel was too good to sleep in. Ellen's got our accommodation covered this time, with the strategic location of the hotel we were staying - walking distance to the mall & train station which have saved us more quality time to spend together and the best thing is it's only 5 min away from the bus terminal where I should take off from.

It all started with a discussion at the McDonalds of how are we going to sneak into the hotel room, doing facial masks then girls talk before bed, we continued by putting our make up the next day in front of the mirror that could hardly fit the three of us, lunch at Chinatown then spend the rest of our day having coffee at Vivo City.

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