July 29, 2011

Nothing But The Best

I didn't realise we're still in the month of July until I trying to sort out recent activities I had. 3 more days until my fav month ends & so far it was an amazing one. It started off with a lazy Redang trip with my fav college gang on the 1st day of the month, getting to hang out with some good high school mates quite often, my 23rd birthday celebration; had the first ladies night which happened to be one of the best nights ever. As for the last week I managed to meet up with a good friend from college on his spontaneous biz trip and also, a surprise visit from my long lost high school sweetheart who traveled back all the way from HK.

July has always been a month of blessings.

July 16, 2011

Seven One Six

I'm often surprised by people who make calls & send texts from the other side of earth just to make sure I'm having a wonderful birthday. I have so many feelings to share but I'm out of words. I'm so blessed.

I'm officially 23 years old now and all that's in my mind are just how my life has been a failure. Before I blow out the candles last night, I wished for a time machine and a magic wand to erase bad memories and impressions. I secretly wish they would become real someday.

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