Like A Dream

September 5, 2011

I've had a whole week of holidays and it was a very productive one. First 3 days spent with Daniel because he came here for a short vacation, then bro and aunt's family were here for the next 3 days. We had BBQ at the beach and dad's early birthday celebration at home.

It's been a whole 7 days of beers/liquors(and lack of sleep). I spent so much time with Evon more than I can imagine. Thankfully there were all good times. We were celebrating Peyling's 21st birthday at Bali last night, it was perfect. When the clock strikes twelve, 2 gentlemen walked her down to the aisle surrounded with candles to her birthday cakes then as she blows off the candles, there were fireworks set just next to her by the river. Everything was beautifully planned.

Finally back at work this morning, back to my normal & healthier routine — 8 to 5 working hours, endless OT, movies/drama marathon.

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