1- The biggest postcard EVER, even bigger than my "London Bus"
2- The sweetest postcard that's full of words
3- The not-so-typical postcard design aka most unique postcard of the year!

After hearing so much about this place(and pictures), finally we're here. We did pass by the branch in Siam Center as we explore around but I insisted to make it to the main branch at Thong Lor. Once I got in, I immediately go up the stairs to check out the second floor. It's like entering the world of Alice. I have to say I'm a lil disappointed because I expected the space to be really big. I feel like a gigantic monster crashing in the house of dwarfs and fairies. It was such tiny space with low ceiling up there, as soon as I started to feel suffocated, I decided to get down, get a seat and start looking at the menu for foods.

Everything in the cafe from furnitures and interior decorations, serving teapots and cups etc are all custom made with Mr Jones' Orphanage label. Totally love the vintage teapots and cups that we feel like stealing them home!
Really love this set of pictures – the color tone, not sure if it's the combination of cafe ambiance and sunlight or the film itself. The foods there was.. so-so and kinda pricey. It comes in a very small portion but the coffee was good though.

I almost forgot I had a blog. I actually have so many drafts saved earlier but didn't have time to go through them. As I browse through my old posts, I feel like this blog has somewhat turned into a diary of how I try to transform to be a positive and happier person.

Can't believe we are stepping into another year in 2 months time. My second half of the year passed a little fast(probably because I'm in a publishing industry). I think I've learned to manage my time better this time. Coming to work has been something to look forward to everyday. Life just seems to be pretty good at the moment, there's nothing I should be complaining.

Classic Saloon
Chinese Calligraphy

To sum it up, this 2 months of absence was about reunion and simple pleasures of life. :)
ABC @ Troika
Looking Out

Brunch date with my cousie. She thinks it's funny that I carry such a bulky antique camera with me around.
Central Market (Phsar Thmei)

Locally known as Psar Thmei Market. It's one of the tourist attractions. I was brought there just for sight-seeing, with no intention of shopping. It's just like any other typical tourist market to me as they sell all kind of stuff, from ladies/men clothes to accessories, shoes, paintings, gem stones, gadgets and more. Nothing really special about it though.

I have always wanted to visit this place for breakfast. It was my 2nd time there last 2 weeks and it's closed again. During my first visit there I actually called the owner. Kopitiam was closed because his daughter got injured from bread cutting. This time, it was because they closed on Sunday(I just checked wtf). But I still have faith! They better open this Saturday.

The foods were delicious! I think I prefer having nice lunch than dinner – where there's natural sunlight for photo shooting, and probably less guilty. (P/s: I'm totally gaining weight back again)

My birthday was rather simple but kinda fairytale-like to me. I really wanted to remember this special night. Plastic candles filled up the living room as I walked in, blinking love shape wands in all different colors on the couch, big birthday banner hanging on the wall. Friends showing up as surprise from the room, but I couldn't react in time. I had my tears rolling down like crazy. I was then presented to a chocolate mud birthday cake from SR after that. As I blow off the candles, he showed up with a big brown box tied with a ribbon. Everyone knew what was that.
Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach

"It's beautiful day I can't stop myself from smiling."
This is a cafe located at the corner of the street, is where you can find delicious duck noodles and some other foods I ordered are good too.(How I miss their homemade potato chips!) And the cafe is actually attached to a hotel. I love how we can have our brunch at the bar table. Except for watching people walking passed the street, I also enjoy looking at waitresses doing their job, e.g. making coffee and cocktails.

K West, Phnom Penh
K West, Sisowath Quay
K West, Sisowath Quay
K West, Sisowath Quay

I'm glad this week of the month was a happy one. :)
Lower Perak Club

I spent my time wandering around the club to take photos with my new toy while the live band were doing rehearsal. I have been going through the instruction manual for too many times(Thanks to Dropbox I can read the manual wherever I go) and really worried about the results. I was expecting this roll to turn out mostly underexposed or overexposed because I am totally new in SLR.


It's really surprising to me how these pictures turned out so sharp. I guess I'll be forever ditching Lomo cameras that uses plastic lens in the camera.

I'm glad everything has come to an end.

In the meantime, I'm kind of excited about tomorrow. I will be going on a spontaneous trip. Hopefully I can make good use of Ollie during this trip.

I managed to visit this hidden cafe earlier today. It's located near to my place. I like how cosy and simple everything is, it only takes up a small corner at the outside of an art gallery. I went there during lunch time, it was kinda windy and shady because it's under all the big trees. I love that it's quiet and peaceful too..