Can't believe it's new year again. I have been telling friends that 2012 ended too soon and all of them felt the same way I do! To say I have achieved nothing at all is completely wrong because just last September, I decided to finally take the risk to leave my comfort zone and start doing what I really want to do with my life — designing, which also indicates leaving my loved ones and started a life on my own.

Skyscrapers, busy traffic, air pollution etc. Being back in the city after 2 years feels so different. So much has changed here, included myself. When I was a student, I spent most time hanging out after classes and have weekend plans sorted out way earlier. This time, I spend my weekdays working and just staying at home during the weekend. It's a different type of productivity I'm trying to accomplish here. I started to enjoy my life from a different point of view. That's the very reason we decorated this apartment like a home than a lifeless hostel.

Anyway, I wanna thank whoever offered helps and supports along this journey, especially during my first month here. It was a tough one. I couldn't have come this far without anyone of you, especially friends staying so far away but they never fail to be there for me. Thanks to smartphones and Whatsapp so we can stay connected every single day.