April 29, 2013


When I was small, going to Cherating is a family thing. Almost every Thursday night, dad would bring us to this very happening restaurant & bar called Pop Inn. I would always order my favorite chicken chop and orange juice then we would be enjoying the live band performance for the rest of our night. On Friday evening, we would go picnic by the beach, play volleyballs, have fun swimming in the sea and happily riding on a jet-ski, then a running competition before dinner and call it a day.

At my teenage years, my memories with the beach are mostly with my close friends. We would spend our day time there, trying out different angles for photos. We would sit on the beach, have our favourite snacks and soft drinks, or simply just talk about stuff while enjoying the breeze and view.

As I grew up and left school, Cherating has become something different. From the small lil girl who enjoys the sea, to the teenage girls who actually enjoy walking on the beach more – now, you will probably bump into me only at night at a bar called Little Bali during weekend, chilling with a bottle of Heineken. Sometimes, you will see me with my girls; sometimes, you will see me with a bunch of crazy friends who love Cherating as much as I do.

I brought different group of friends to Cherating 2 weeks continuously this month. I'm glad that they had fun. The later group actually visits Cherating every year. It was more like a birthday trip for Yanni this time and we had a small BBQ session at Little Bali.

Cherating isn't just about family, friends and adulthood but something more.

April 27, 2013

Sometimes, Somehow

So much thoughts on my mind tonight, I honestly don't know where to begin.

But let's start with why I quit my favorite job before securing a new job. Seriously, I really knew I won't be able to get another job like this, ever. And almost none of my friends agreed with the decision I made. They think I'm too compulsive. They think I should just calm down and think further that what works the best for me. But it's okay, they have no idea what I've been through and how exactly I felt. I just can say my patience have crossed my limit. Going to work has become something so dreadful to do. I felt like a deflating balloon. I can't sleep at night and waking up in panic attack the next day, thinking I was late to work.

If you ask me again, do I really like my job? I would still be answering the same thing like when I first got into the company – I LOVE MY JOB. I love what I have to do, I enjoy what I'm doing. Being in a publishing company has always been what I wanted. And I love being surrounded by these people around my desk.
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