April 27, 2013

Sometimes, Somehow

So much thoughts on my mind tonight, I honestly don't know where to begin.

But let's start with why I quit my favorite job before securing a new job. Seriously, I really knew I won't be able to get another job like this, ever. And almost none of my friends agreed with the decision I made. They think I'm too compulsive. They think I should just calm down and think further that what works the best for me. But it's okay, they have no idea what I've been through and how exactly I felt. I just can say my patience have crossed my limit. Going to work has become something so dreadful to do. I felt like a deflating balloon. I can't sleep at night and wake up to panic attack the next day, thinking I was late to work.

If you ask me again, do I really like my job? I would still be answering the same thing like when I first got into the company – I LOVE MY JOB. I love what I have to do, I enjoy what I'm doing. Being in a publishing company has always been what I wanted. And I love being surrounded by these people around my desk.

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