December 29, 2013

Postcards in a week

1- The biggest postcard EVER, even bigger than my "London Bus"
2- The sweetest postcard that's full of words
3- The not-so-typical postcard design aka most unique postcard of the year!

December 26, 2013


Do gimme a moment to miss the feeling being in this city.

December 8, 2013

Christmas Craft

I have to admit I'm kind of a lazy person, which is why I have all these printable sources for my own convenience so when I'm in the mood of crafting but got out of ideas, I can easily browse the web, print 'em out and make them in shape. As for today, I make these christmas paper dolls in cone shape.

Here's on my working desk!

(Courtesy of Mr.Printables)

December 4, 2013

Mr Jones' Orphanage

After hearing so much about this place(and pictures), finally we're here. We did pass by the branch in Siam Center as we explore around but I insisted to make it to the main branch at Thong Lor. Once I got in, I immediately go up the stairs to check out the second floor. It's like entering the world of Alice. I have to say I'm a lil disappointed because I expected the space to be really big. I feel like a gigantic monster crashing in the house of dwarfs and fairies. It was such tiny space with low ceiling up there, as soon as I started to feel suffocated, I decided to get down, get a seat and start looking at the menu for foods.

Everything in the cafe from furnitures and interior decorations, serving teapots and cups etc are all custom made with Mr Jones' Orphanage label. Totally love the vintage teapots and cups that we feel like stealing them home!

December 3, 2013

Shopping Haul

So that's a wrap for long waited BKK trip. It's been 2 years I never go traveling with friends and I'm still thrilled to think about how cheap the shopping there can be. No, I don't miss the people there. Most of them are really rude when it comes to dealing with shoppers. I think it's the holiday season that got them so frustrated repeating the same line over and over again.

it's obvious that we didn't have enough time to cover the whole BKK in 4D3N. I wish I could travel out of town the next few trips though. Siam Square made us crazy the 1st day, Pratunam market the 2nd day and Chatuchak Market on our 3rd day – it's so sad we only managed to cover about 30% of it from 10am - 8pm(wtf wtf) then Platinum Fashion Mall on our last day.

Thanks to JY for the guidance on Line app as we didn't really plan for the itinerary and PS, for helping me to activate my ATM card, at time we were almost out of cash.

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