We drove all the way to IOI City Mall, Putrajaya to check out the LINE pop up store and so excited to see all the merchandises! We totally ignore how people are going to judge us and took lots of selfie with Moon near the fountains. We even sat on the floor to try a different angle! A weekend with lots of foods I've been craving and also went to church & some cafes.

Well that sums up my weekend activities with my fav bitch & sleepover at her place. :D

Long hours of mini reunion last weekend with my friends from college. The group of us, however, isn't complete because most other guys are away from the country, either for work or travel. It was great to finally meet everyone again. We spent a lot of time at our rented house on the week of assignment deadlines & presentations. We also hung out after classes. So much silly memories back then..

4 years later, here we are, making time for each others to catch up, and there's no end of topics. After lost contact for about 3 years, I finally meet Rossy again and we got to hear about experiences and little stories about studying abroad in New Zealand. We laughed so much to her stories. She also described NZ as a very laid back country, where everyone takes quality of life so seriously.

It really got me thinking until today.. And I spoke to a Chinese masseur this afternoon and we agreed to the same points about the society. I was surprised to find someone who talked like her. I was told about how sad and desperate the people in her country is. It's a culture of corruption.

I think this fast paced society is making everyone sick yet there's nothing we can do about it. We can't just quit our job and enjoy life because we need income to survive. But I believe it can be fixed if people can try to slow down life. Just can't imagine the world in the next 5 to 10 years.

Finally, the holiday we have been counting down to. Our first sisters trip and many more to come I hope. My itinerary for the first day in Bangkok is to cover Siam area, I just can't wait to explore Siam Square again. I forgot to put weather condition in my consideration throughout my itinerary planning so yeah.. it started to rain cats and dogs the moment we arrive at Siam station and it was still pretty early and we certainly did not intend to shop yet – it's free & easy day and we I come for Siam Square that only opens after 6pm. We kinda stuck in Siam Paragon, shaking in cold for a good 2 hours.

It was still raining at 7pm. We decided to move to Caturday Cat Cafe located at Coco Walk – can be reached by BTS Ratchathewi. Got my flats and feet soaked in rainwater because we had to run under the rain to look for the place as it's my first time there. But it's definitely worth the run! From the uneasy smell we had to bear(because we aren't pet person) to feeling the awwwww to see so many cute cats!

Long weekend is over. It leave me so exhausted like usual. But I had a great time with mum and her friends because it's like ladies day out. Normally we would just walk around at Bukit Bintang area but this time I brought them out of here and I believed they had a great time.

Simply can't wait until my retail therapy in another 2 weeks!

I spent the past weekend at Ipoh with my aunt's family. As usual, I am so looking forward to see my nephew. He grew up a lot compared to the last time I saw him. He became more approachable & playful as he learned to walk. It's fun to play with him and see how he tries to imitate the way we adults speak. It's very, very hard to take pictures of active & playful kids. Perhaps it's not a wise decision to test my lens on a kid like him who dislikes being photographed.


The 2-month old baby Jayden cries whenever he wants to. Angus didn't want to take his afternoon nap but to play with me all day. I also woke up early everyday so I wouldn't miss going out for breakfast with my aunt. So tiring but I wasn't complaining!

The Grumpy Cyclist
Oliver James
Chucks & Flats
Peanut Butter & Banana Pancakes
It doesn't always have to look nice, no?

Nice interior with bicycles theme. It's also a bicycle workshop. The cafe is quite small with limited seats & I wondered if they service the aircond regularly. The fluffy pancakes made it worth the wait! I ordered Oliver James — Scrambled eggs on pancakes with toast + bacons while JY had Peanut Butter Pancakes with banana.

"Love, be good while you last."

Nothing particular about this song but it feels like a song I should be listening at the end of my fav month. Isn't this one of the sweetest duets ever?

Well, here you are, the last day of July. It's been really great month though, but of course with my efforts to make the best out of it! Lots of catching up with old friends, movies, beers, long weekend, visited the Aquaria and spent half day at the spa with my crazy sister..

A lovely month with so much laughters & tears! I'm incredibly grateful and will definitely miss it.
Lemon Tart
Classic Spaghetti
Chicken Chop

Finally got a full day for ourselves to celebrate our belated birthday. I couldn't be more happy and grateful than having to do this – we actually wore day dress for lunch & shopping and brought our night dress out to change for dinner. :)

Nice foods and drinks, good companion, another day well spent. So much love! ♡

I'm thinking about the concert, the night full of emotions and excitements, still feels so surreal to me. And we sang along to all of her songs together with other fans & most of them even remember full lyrics better than myself. WHAT. A. NIGHT. Definitely worth every drops of my tears.

Ok now I'm gonna jump onto my bed and cry in disbelief.

It's finally a weekend of my own. I managed to wake up early for a nice breakfast at a cosy tea house today, went for grocery shopping, grab a quick lunch and got my caffeine fix. I also did some spring cleaning to my room & made some new arrangement. Now I kinda have a walk-in wardrobe in the small room and all that I need now is a full length mirror!

I'm feeling a tad nostalgic at this tea house earlier today when an old lady walked in with 2 of his adult sons. The lady boss then introduced the old lady to her new worker, Betty. — "Betty, come over and meet my best friend, whom I've known all my life. From primary school to secondary school, we went to the same university, got married, with our grown up kids going to get married soon too & we're both retired women. Look how time flew by!"

So much awwwww-ness from my heart.
Grey Sky Morning

The city is having a major heat wave about a week(or more) already and all I want to do is lay on the couch with some snacks to munch on and something cold to drink while watching a chick flick. Oh gosh, just picturing the scene makes me feel so contented. But anyway, now I can have excuse to have lotsa ice cold frappes and ice creams then cry in pain & regret later.

This place has become a must-visit every time I come to this country. I can still remember the smell of roasted coffee beans the moment we entered the cafe. It's soooo awsm I swear! The flat white I had this time was not as good, but it didn't ruin my mood though. I enjoyed my few hours time there and went out exploring Sisowath Quay area by feet.

And this was when I finally got the chance to play with my new toy!

Everything is like a dream comes true to me. (It's miserable and magical oh yeah!) I'm trying not to sound too overreacted here. I am SO stoked. I can't believe I'm still such a fangirl like that.

♪ I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty-twooo-ooh~! ♫

It's just so unbelievable. Not too many friends know I am a huge fan of her music but if you do, you're one of the closest ones. When I know she was going to Singapore for Speak Now World Tour last 3 years, I told a friend I don't mind going alone but I did not take any action.

Every little things that happened made me think that it's destined the Red Tour isn't for me. From the moment they announced to have a Red Tour here in Malaysia(!!) last Feb, I told myself I am so going for it. And then when the ticket price released, I kinda lost hope because with my budget I can only get the cheapest seat & I want to at least have the middle seat. And then the tickets all sold out within first 2 hours of ticket launch on 1st of March. I innocently thought I have another 2 months to consider & getting a tix is just a click away. -_- (Duh!) So this excitement in me has come to an end. I did consider about SG or BKK but honestly, I'm not the kind of fan who would travel all the way to another country to watch a concert. I gave up and never want to think about it again.

2 weeks before the concert, I was asked to join this Hotlink contest to win tix. I don't believe in winning contests because I never had that luck. But I tried anyway. For god-knows-what-reason my number was invalid to join. (Excuse me?) I gave up after few attempts. First of all, I have ZERO patience; Secondly, taking part in contests is just not my thing.


I was in a rush after work, skipped dinner and still feel so bloated but thankfully it's worth every bits of struggle. It's a once in a lifetime experience. It was the best concert ever. It's a night with so much laughters and tears. It's a day to remember.

✓Went to a Taylor Swift's concert
Bonus points: ✓Heard her sings Enchanted live - one of many favs from Speak Now!!
✓Such close distance with her. ✓She gave me a firm handshake!
✓Then I grabbed her arm cos I'm not getting enough! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~

#redtourmy #taylorinmalaysia #typicalcancer #starstruck #thankyouZ

It's official, I can now die with no regrets.

Totally exhausted from this trip back home. :O But this time I got to explore a different side of it, and got to do things I haven't been doing for a long time. Looking back at the photos makes me happy!
Aonang Sunset
Ao Nang Street
Restaurant @ Ao Nang
Ao Nang Street
Princeville Aonang
00Ao Nang Street
Princeville Aonang

Ever since the invention of VSCO Cam, I have to admit that I've become really lazy to take time going through my photos and edit them. Time is just not enough and I’m definitely not doing enough. Anyway, here's some snippets from my last Krabi trip. We stayed at a different side this time around and spent lesser time at the beach. However, it was somewhat an unforgettable trip because we had small accident on our rafting session, which is quite scary to even recall back.

I’ve been stalking this guy from Taiwan, he has amazing photos collection taken by Olympus OM-10. It's neat with fine details. He makes me love mine even more. And I wonder, how do people like him keep up with taking photos so frequently? I know it’s a passion, you’ll enjoy it when it’s something you’d love to do, but sometimes you just can’t find time for it, no? Check him out because you should!

Very laid back and short holiday but I had one of the bestest times. ♡

My nephew, Angus is more active than the first time I met him, which makes him more fun to play with! Kids grow up too fast and I hate that I'm gonna miss watching him grow up. D: