Pictures were shot on an expired Kodak Gold 100 unintentionally.

I like to observe people especially when I'm alone. I always feel captivated as I watch their different facial expressions. The faces of joy, anger, hopefulness, sadness and helplessness.. My favourite one would be watching the kids. They're just so pure and innocent. Sometimes they're just too naughty you feel like want to give them a punch in the face, or reach out your foot as they run to make them trip. I love to see the elderly too. Their wrinkles look like there's a lot of stories to tell.

Goodbye 2013, you have been nice to me. :)

For the n-times saying this, I'm glad and thankful for people who have made me become who I am today, no matter close friends or people whom I've chose to walk away from their life. A little advice for myself: do not be too emotional and sensitive. Learn to let go. Be contented and grateful all the time. Do not hold grudges. Take life as it goes. Last year has taught me so much about being happy and to stay positive. True happiness is priceless. Take obstacles as they are opportunities in life. God gives you shit because He thinks you're strong enough to handle it. This is what I always tell myself. At the same time some spiritual support from family & friends is undoubtedly important and helpful.

So 2014 will be another year of learning, making memories, experimenting, growing(old, hopefully more mature) and embracing new friends. If you ask me what do I looking forward to achieve? I would say I only want to focus on my job and ART, I want this year to be a breakthrough year for my career. I wish to try and explore more, never be afraid to make more mistakes so that I can improve better. I also long for new knowledges and new explorations in life. There's just so so much to discover, to learn and to adapt.

I hope this year will be another wonderful year ahead to myself, same goes to whoever reading this.

Much love x