I spotted this charm as I was wandering at watches department while mum is checking out on something else. I have no intention of shopping by all means. I only asked to test for fun and immediately fell in love with it. Now I believe in love at first sight! I'm still over the moon until today.

Admiring my new working desk. Well it's not exactly new, I just happened to reposition my room last night after I came home from work. As I slowly categorise and arrange things, I found that I'm such a Mickey Mouse freak. I actually have lots more but I placed some of it in my office.

I love that I can stick lots of cards & posters on the wall but it seems that my OCD just won't let me do that now.

So CNY is over. I have the busiest schedule after I came back to the city. I can't find time to do my own things. So much to follow up, goddd! And the worst part is lots of my weekend plans got screwed up but it's okay. I got to spend time with my bitch and we start visiting cafes again.

I'm secretly a fan of Thai foods. I'd always go for fried fish, morning glory and tomyam soup(how can you possibly miss this right!) We went to this my Elephant thai restaurant @ Happy Mansion SS17. I really enjoyed my dinner there, and the drinks are nice! I wish my stomach is big enough, just imagine how both of us girls managed to finish all the foods above.

P/s: I love how my hair has that natural wave that day.

Thanks bitch for the dinner treat! After dinner we went for coffee @ Standing Theory, SS2.