My nephew, Angus is more active than the first time I met him, which makes him more fun to play with! Kids grow up too fast and I hate that I'm gonna miss watching him grow up. D:

It was the first time I took a train to go back to Ipoh – my mum's hometown. The train ride was okay, they even have wifi service(that I can never connect LOL). I just didn't expect it to be so cold inside – I was wearing sleeveless and really short pants. Thank goodness it was just 2 hours ride!

Whenever I came back, I'd always sit at the living hall. And my mind will be flooded witht all the memories with my late grandma. I love and hate this feeling. It feels like I only had memories with her in this house. I spent most of my school holiday time with her when I was small. She loved it every time I come back. She would talk a lot with me. She would yell at whoever trying to mess with me.

It's been 5 years. How are you doing in heaven, Popo?

I'd always take time to remember some of the good things that happened when a week has come to an end. Here's a list of what I'm thankful for last week.

» Being able to finish some of my works & hopefully to meet deadlines with no delay.
» Finally started sketching and doodling again.
» J was being so encouraging about my plan and willing to share me more.
» Spent some good times with colleagues after working hour. It's something really nice to do.
» An apology that didn't come up to my expectation.