May 30, 2014

Back on Track

Aonang Sunset
Ao Nang Street
Restaurant @ Ao Nang
Ao Nang Street
Princeville Aonang
00Ao Nang Street
Princeville Aonang

Ever since the invention of VSCO Cam, I have to admit that I've become really lazy to take time going through my photos and edit them. Time is just not enough and I’m definitely not doing enough. Anyway, here's some snippets from my last Krabi trip. We stayed at a different side this time around and spent lesser time at the beach. However, it was somewhat an unforgettable trip because we had small accident on our rafting session, which is quite scary to even recall back.

I’ve been stalking this guy from Taiwan, he has amazing photos collection taken by Olympus OM-10. It's neat with fine details. He makes me love mine even more. And I wonder, how do people like him keep up with taking photos so frequently? I know it’s a passion, you’ll enjoy it when it’s something you’d love to do, but sometimes you just can’t find time for it, no? Check him out because you should!

May 20, 2014

May Highlight

Very laid back and short holiday but I had one of the bestest times. ♡

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