This place has become a must-visit every time I come to this country. I can still remember the smell of roasted coffee beans the moment we entered the cafe. It's soooo awsm I swear! The flat white I had this time was not as good, but it didn't ruin my mood though. I enjoyed my few hours time there and went out exploring Sisowath Quay area by feet.

And this was when I finally got the chance to play with my new toy!

Everything is like a dream comes true to me. (It's miserable and magical oh yeah!) I'm trying not to sound too overreacted here. I am SO stoked. I can't believe I'm still such a fangirl like that.

♪ I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty-twooo-ooh~! ♫

It's just so unbelievable. Not too many friends know I am a huge fan of her music but if you do, you're one of the closest ones. When I know she was going to Singapore for Speak Now World Tour last 3 years, I told a friend I don't mind going alone but I did not take any action.

Every little things that happened made me think that it's destined the Red Tour isn't for me. From the moment they announced to have a Red Tour here in Malaysia(!!) last Feb, I told myself I am so going for it. And then when the ticket price released, I kinda lost hope because with my budget I can only get the cheapest seat & I want to at least have the middle seat. And then the tickets all sold out within first 2 hours of ticket launch on 1st of March. I innocently thought I have another 2 months to consider & getting a tix is just a click away. -_- (Duh!) So this excitement in me has come to an end. I did consider about SG or BKK but honestly, I'm not the kind of fan who would travel all the way to another country to watch a concert. I gave up and never want to think about it again.

2 weeks before the concert, I was asked to join this Hotlink contest to win tix. I don't believe in winning contests because I never had that luck. But I tried anyway. For god-knows-what-reason my number was invalid to join. (Excuse me?) I gave up after few attempts. First of all, I have ZERO patience; Secondly, taking part in contests is just not my thing.


I was in a rush after work, skipped dinner and still feel so bloated but thankfully it's worth every bits of struggle. It's a once in a lifetime experience. It was the best concert ever. It's a night with so much laughters and tears. It's a day to remember.

✓Went to a Taylor Swift's concert
Bonus points: ✓Heard her sings Enchanted live - one of many favs from Speak Now!!
✓Such close distance with her. ✓She gave me a firm handshake!
✓Then I grabbed her arm cos I'm not getting enough! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~

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It's official, I can now die with no regrets.

Totally exhausted from this trip back home. :O But this time I got to explore a different side of it, and got to do things I haven't been doing for a long time. Looking back at the photos makes me happy!