"Love, be good while you last."

Nothing particular about this song but it feels like a song I should be listening at the end of my fav month. Isn't this one of the sweetest duets ever?

Well, here you are, the last day of July. It's been really great month though, but of course with my efforts to make the best out of it! Lots of catching up with old friends, movies, beers, long weekend, visited the Aquaria and spent half day at the spa with my crazy sister..

A lovely month with so much laughters & tears! I'm incredibly grateful and will definitely miss it.
Lemon Tart
Classic Spaghetti
Chicken Chop

Finally got a full day for ourselves to celebrate our belated birthday. I couldn't be more happy and grateful than having to do this – we actually wore day dress for lunch & shopping and brought our night dress out to change for dinner. :)

Nice foods and drinks, good companion, another day well spent. So much love! ♡

I'm thinking about the concert, the night full of emotions and excitements, still feels so surreal to me. And we sang along to all of her songs together with other fans & most of them even remember full lyrics better than myself. WHAT. A. NIGHT. Definitely worth every drops of my tears.

Ok now I'm gonna jump onto my bed and cry in disbelief.

It's finally a weekend of my own. I managed to wake up early for a nice breakfast at a cosy tea house today, went for grocery shopping, grab a quick lunch and got my caffeine fix. I also did some spring cleaning to my room & made some new arrangement. Now I kinda have a walk-in wardrobe in the small room and all that I need now is a full length mirror!

I'm feeling a tad nostalgic at this tea house earlier today when an old lady walked in with 2 of his adult sons. The lady boss then introduced the old lady to her new worker, Betty. — "Betty, come over and meet my best friend, whom I've known all my life. From primary school to secondary school, we went to the same university, got married, with our grown up kids going to get married soon too & we're both retired women. Look how time flew by!"

So much awwwww-ness from my heart.
Grey Sky Morning

The city is having a major heat wave about a week(or more) already and all I want to do is lay on the couch with some snacks to munch on and something cold to drink while watching a chick flick. Oh gosh, just picturing the scene makes me feel so contented. But anyway, now I can have excuse to have lotsa ice cold frappes and ice creams then cry in pain & regret later.