Miss Ellie Tea House

July 6, 2014

It's finally a weekend of my own. I managed to wake up early for a nice breakfast at a cosy tea house today, went for grocery shopping, grab a quick lunch and got my caffeine fix. I also did some spring cleaning to my room & made some new arrangement. Now I kinda have a walk-in wardrobe in the small room and all that I need now is a full length mirror!

I'm feeling a tad nostalgic at this tea house earlier today when an old lady walked in with 2 of his adult sons. The lady boss then introduced the old lady to her new worker, Betty. — "Betty, come over and meet my best friend, whom I've known all my life. From primary school to secondary school, we went to the same university, got married, with our grown up kids going to get married soon too & we're both retired women. Look how time flew by!"

So much awwwww-ness from my heart.

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