Long hours of mini reunion last weekend with my friends from college. The group of us, however, isn't complete because most other guys are away from the country, either for work or travel. It was great to finally meet everyone again. We spent a lot of time at our rented house on the week of assignment deadlines & presentations. We also hung out after classes. So much silly memories back then..

4 years later, here we are, making time for each others to catch up, and there's no end of topics. After lost contact for about 3 years, I finally meet Rossy again and we got to hear about experiences and little stories about studying abroad in New Zealand. We laughed so much to her stories. She also described NZ as a very laid back country, where everyone takes quality of life so seriously.

It really got me thinking until today.. And I spoke to a Chinese masseur this afternoon and we agreed to the same points about the society. I was surprised to find someone who talked like her. I was told about how sad and desperate the people in her country is. It's a culture of corruption.

I think this fast paced society is making everyone sick yet there's nothing we can do about it. We can't just quit our job and enjoy life because we need income to survive. But I believe it can be fixed if people can try to slow down life. Just can't imagine the world in the next 5 to 10 years.

Finally, the holiday we have been counting down to. Our first sisters trip and many more to come I hope. My itinerary for the first day in Bangkok is to cover Siam area, I just can't wait to explore Siam Square again. I forgot to put weather condition in my consideration throughout my itinerary planning so yeah.. it started to rain cats and dogs the moment we arrive at Siam station and it was still pretty early and we certainly did not intend to shop yet – it's free & easy day and we I come for Siam Square that only opens after 6pm. We kinda stuck in Siam Paragon, shaking in cold for a good 2 hours.

It was still raining at 7pm. We decided to move to Caturday Cat Cafe located at Coco Walk – can be reached by BTS Ratchathewi. Got my flats and feet soaked in rainwater because we had to run under the rain to look for the place as it's my first time there. But it's definitely worth the run! From the uneasy smell we had to bear(because we aren't pet person) to feeling the awwwww to see so many cute cats!