Central World x Hong Kong Disneyland
Central World x Hong Kong Disneyland

I finally braved myself to try street foods despite the risk of getting food poisoning. I think I'm just over worried(and too busy shopping I have no time for real foods), but I do have friends getting bad diarrhea after their BKK trip so prevent is better than cure. It's all about walking in & out every 7-11 we've walked past and endless bowls of vermicelli soup from street stalls this time. D:

Thank you for the good weather, Bangkok, we will see you again in exactly one month time.

It's weird how December always give us a sense of excitement and anticipation. To me, December is more to putting a good ending to the last few days before a new year started. Everyone around me is talking about Christmas Day. I don't have a tradition of celebrating Christmas with family and friends, but then again, it's something to look forward this year especially with him. :)

Mailbox surprise from Z! His cards and stamps are always my fav! Merry Christmas everyone!
Sunset Sailing
Sunset Sailing
Sunset Sailing
Almost Sunset
Stand Up Paddling
Stand Up Paddling

I can't stop pressing on shutter over these views and keep admiring how orange and blue hues in the sky fading out right in front of this long long beach. Nature's beauty leaves me speechless most of the time and make me feel like I don't even understand the world I was born in.
Ariel's House
Blue Lilly Villa
Better with Tens
BRB Gonna Take A Dip
From Where I Stand

Now I understand the importance of taking a break from work. By break, I mean going for holiday, be it 3 days or a week. I realised that I always come home with a positive & happier state of mind, more eager to start work, more focused and more productive. I've always take break/rest seriously. I would like to see myself as a smart-worker rather than a hard-worker. I don't stay back late just so everyone see that I'm willing to "sacrifice" for the company.
The End
Breakfast with a view

After a brief downpour at 6 in the morning, this stunning view marks the end of our journey. We woke up early as we want to have more time to pack and mentally prepare ourselves to the fact that we're leaving this beautiful place today. We're served with basic breakfast before we check out.

Adios, beautiful Boracay! It's always hard to say good bye. Thanks for being so beautiful. We had the best of times. I can't wait to come back to Philippines again and explore other beautiful islands that's on my bucket list.
En Route to Kalibo Airport
En Route to Boracay
Sunny Side Cafe
Sunny Side Cafe
Sunny Side Cafe
Pancakes & Beers @ Sunny Side Cafe
Waffles @ Sunny Side Cafe

The journey to Boracay was kind of uneasy and tiring. Took us nearly 10 hours from home to the destination as we checked in to airport 2 hours earlier. Flew 4 hours, land transfer about 1.5 hrs then another 15 mins of boat transfer. We reached there at 5 but the sky was already dark. Crazy huh, so for the rest of the night we just take a stroll along the beach and checking out places we want to go the next day.

The one thing I really like about Boracay? The sun rises as early as 5 so during night time, we have the illusion like oh it's been 5 hrs since the sky turned dark so let's go to bed—in fact it's only 10pm.

On our first morning, after our complimentary breakfast in hotel, we headed over to check out Sunny Side Cafe, only about 50 steps away from our hotel. I read really good reviews about their foods. Upon arrival in front of the cafe, I'm in love. The colour of yellow is so eye-catching and it stands out so much with the clear blue sky in the background. I just can't be disappointed right?

The pancakes Joe ordered was too big of a portion, I understand now why they have remark on the menu that the pancakes is meant for sharing. It's big and fluffy. I also ordered waffles for myself, the portion is just nice. It has generous amount of nutella and slices of banana on a very well-presented plate.

I have too many photos taken this time and I don't think I'll ever have enough words to write about it.
Oh Sunny White Beach!
White Beach
White Beach
White Beach

I was completely stoked. We checked in to a beachfront hotel at Station 1(away from the crowds) on our last night and it was the best choice we've ever made. It's more calm and relaxing especially at night. White powdery sand, dancing palm trees, shallow crystal clear water and beautiful shades of blue in the sea—I fell in love instantly. The views are absolutely breathtaking. I can swim all day long despite the scorching sun. The weather was perfect. The best thing is we go to bed early every night and try to wake up as early as we can because the sun rises in between 5 to 6.

White Beach is officially the best beach I've ever visited.
Last Tuesday was kinda like a movie marathon day to me because I was having really bad flu so I took a day off. It's a day where I finally got to have the TV to myself. I'm a sucker for rom-coms(especially from the 80s & 90s) and there's so many movies I have yet to watch.

Some movies that's off my list now: When Harry Met Sally (1989) is said to be one of the best rom-coms you can't missed. It certainly is one of my fav now, and with lots of memorable quotes, I can't be disappointed. It's a movie that goes by quickly and keeps you feeling excited about what happens next. The Bucket List (2007) is a heartwarming story about friendship and living in the moment. The ending part made me tear a lil; I love how simple and witty And So It Goes (2014) is. As a matter of fact, I randomly picked these movies to watch, later when I was looking for further details about the movies, I found out that these 3 movies happened to be produced by Rob Reiner. What a pleasant coincidence!

I'm looking forward for my next pick. It's been a while since I had my Friday night tradition—some good movies, wine and snacks on the couch/bed.

On the other hand, so happy this week is going to be a honeymoon week for all after a hectic week. And so happy that I received this book at the right time! Now I'm gonna get myself bury in the world of Sara B.
Can you believe it's the last quarter of 2015 already?

It's the busiest week of the year I swear. So many birthdays and weddings falls on the first half of October. It's crazy! In fact, we have been busy with all these events since last month(imagine moving house + weddings + birthdays #ripme). I usually turn down all the weddings invites because I dislike socialise, I'm also kinda afraid I'll be seated with people I'm not comfortable with. But I can say I'm okay with it now. Joe & I have all the mutual friends for the longest years and we can now attend as partners. I like it especially the part where I get to meet a lot of long lost friends I used to know. It always took me by surprise whoever I'm going to meet. That feeling is strange but it was good. I love how we're all a lil shy but trying to be steady and talk a bit, and the last time some of us talked was probably more than 15 years ago. However, we did turn down few wedding invites this time because I want to reserve my day off for vacation.

One of the events this year I have been looking forward to is Eric & Candy's wedding, this is when the big family gathering happens again. It's true, the older I get, the more I appreciate family gatherings at any time. It somehow didn't turn out as good as I expected. I didn't get to talk to all the family members or even take pictures. But the silver lining is that CNY is just few months away!

And goshhh, I'm so done with all the wedding dinners.
Bean Brothers
Hot Latte
Manchester United 3 - 0 Sunderland

It was the most hectic week. We were in the midst of making arrangements and thought it would be just nice to make use of our extra day-off. Joe's family also came over for the long weekend so we got to spend some quality time together. Haze was getting really terrible so we try to stay indoor most of the time. We went to IKEA to get furnitures and witnessed the longest queue at every cashier counters due to public holiday. I'm glad we have settled most of the things now. Felt really thankful for the family's help to speed things up.

Since we woke up really early for breakfast last Sunday, we have more time to spare for the day. Finally went to Imbi Market again after so long. I miss being in the streets of KL. As we drove past every familiar streets, it reminds me of how I used to drive around by myself, going wherever I want to, I don't feel lonely at all but enjoying every bit of it.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to go cafehop after we're done with all the errands. Not willing to go too far so we came to this recently opened cafe—Bean Brothers. It's located at the industrial area nearby.

The foods and drinks are better than expected, but they have really limited choices. It's a cafe that I don't mind coming back few more times. It's probably the most spacious cafe up to date. There's few nice spot to take photos. It's designed in industrial style with a touch of contemporary chic. I like the unfinished look and texture of the tiles and brick walls. I find the giant flipping door at the front entrance looks very welcoming too.
Hai Peng Kopitiam

Do it or nothing at all.

My motivation is kinda low, even though I have zillions of thoughts to spill out lately. I'm now forcing myself to write often. Just like I force myself to get outside a little bit each day to take photos. It's no easy start to achieve good balance and self awareness. When I got home after work I'm just drained out of energy. I've been spending the past few months with lots of TV series. Now that we finally have internet, I would hide in the room, where I get my private space to think, to jot things down, to be inspired, to make plans and write. Maybe I'm weird, but I would like to say I'm just too used to days living and doing things by myself.

I'm also trying to train myself to be spiritually tough. I think I have improved a lil bit each day, even sometimes I can't hide my true feeling, but that's just me, right? There are days that I can't handle too many things at one time, I feel like I'm absolutely going to collapse, I try to push it through and put a smile on and try to be okay despite the feeling. It's not so bad, at least I feel less guilty.

It's the state of mind that matters.

We will have lots of trips back to hometown this month, it's for the best reason—to attend weddings & of course it will be another big family gathering I'm really looking forward to.
Nest Nordic

We spent our past weekends quite wisely by going to some home deco galleries for furnitures hunt and crossed a few things off our checklist. Phew, what a relief to finally get something done! We also went to new apartment to follow up with the renovation progress just last week. It got me panic and excited at the same time. It's been bothering me about how am I going to clean the whole house and make sure it's 100% dust free once the house is ready to move in.

I came across some articles online which described moving house as "biggest nightmare", "life's most stressful event", "more traumatic than divorce" & there's even "house moving survival guide" LOL. It's true, moving house is never easy. So what I did previously was to keep things as minimal as possible. Because I rent places all this while so it's easier to take control of what I have and what I buy, by having this mindset that "I'm not gonna stay at the same place forever", so that I won't end up buying a lot of things. However, I still have soft spots for certain things, such as my latest obsession with Lego bricks(I totally want to blame Joe for that).

The most difficult part about moving house has to be giving up stuff you have kept for a purpose(sometimes none). There's always time when you find something useful only after you lost them. #storyofmylife I often donate used clothes to charity so it's quite unlikely you'll find an old dress in my wardrobe, and trust me, I always regret letting those dresses go. I consider myself moving quite frequently the past 10 years but I don't bring everything as I go. Just like in real life, there's always something you have to let go.

Big & small boxes piling up in the room gives me slight headache everytime I look at it. Ugggh I simply can't wait for this to be over soon.

Thank God we're moving into a smaller space this time.
Ice Cold Heineken

Maybe having to cancel our island trip wasn't a bad thing after all.

Our families are really happy! I can feel their joy to have my presence at home. We usually have only one night stay whenever we go back so this time Mummy finally got the chance to invite Joe(with a whole new status) over for dinner. We also celebrated his parents' 31st wedding anniversary the following night at a steakhouse.. Plus BBQ at the beach with some friends, catching up on recent life, chillaxing by the beach with canned beers and laugh the night away.. Everything was unplanned, yet it brings the most pleasure. It was never easy to gather all of us, it feels like CNY all over again.
Birthday Balloons

Since it's a long weekend with Hari Raya holiday coming along, we decided to visit Sunway Lagoon on Thursday(my birthday) since I get free admission. On Sunday, we went cycling at the park for Joe's birthday. It was a simple yet special way to spend our special days instead of really celebrate it. It was so comfortably fun! At night we just cuddle on the couch, watch some movies with some drinks and snacks.

The weekend ended with our heart feeling so much of content and gratitude.

Chandon Summer 2015 Limited Edition

July is ♡.