I'm having a lot of sentimental feelings especially tonight. I also have some thoughts about what made me become who I am today — a tough(I must say, compared to other girls) and independent person. I'm guessing it started when I was at the age of 15. Something happened to my family and it changed the way I see life so differently. At that time, almost everything seemed hopeless, but I was fearless because I realised I was the only one who can stand up for myself. It's actually something I've left forgotten but it strikes me today that it could be the reason why my personality is just so different from my siblings. I've become more rebellious and stubborn in many ways, even until today. I'm also the kind of person who can cry and laugh the next minute.

Well, 2014 had been well. I love that families get to spend more time together and all the regular catchups with friends that mean a lot to me. 2015 is like another new book, it's about starting new and fresh again. Saying goodbye to all the mistakes and regrets, I hope this year is a year that I can get to know myself deeper and discover more of the old happy me.

Goodbye to you, good bye to everything I thought I knew.