Ferry to Phi Phi Island
On a ferry
Phi Phi Don, Thailand

It's entirely different at Phi Phi Island compared to Ao Nang. You will still see long tail boats lining up by the seashore, but there's another beach on the other side of island where you will find a lot of tourists sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea, playing water sports & etc..

Sunset @ Phi Phi Don

I was dumbstruck upon reaching the said beach at night, it's so packed with tourists and the music blasting from one bar to another on the same row, there's also fire show performances along the beach.. We found ourselves a cosy seat to lay back and relax.. As usual I almost fall asleep even with the loud music and bass system because it gets so breezy after! Oh ya, the drinks are dirt cheap too!

Fireshow @ Phi Phi Don
Ibiza Bar, Phi Phi Don
Kongsiam Bar, Phi Phi Don

Thank God for the perfect weather and blessings throughout the trip, where I got to try things for the first time and came home safe with a better state of mind. Most importantly, I've never felt so pumped up to be back at work. This motivation better keeps going. x
Hot Cappuccino @ McCafe
Breakfast @ Ao Nang
Hilltop Restaurant, Ao Nang

Here comes the end of my longest 5D4N in Krabi.

I totally got lost track of time. Just love how life is so slow-paced over there, or maybe because my subconscious knew that I'm on vacation? Well, the right mindset always matters.

I spent 2 nights in Ao Nang, Krabi and another 2 nights on Phi Phi Island. I've always love Krabi because it's peaceful and safer(at least to me because this is my 5th time there.) & from Krabi, you can take ferry to any islands nearby or even to Phuket. However, year after year, Krabi has become more touristy now with restaurants & cafes selling overpriced foods—but all of their Thai foods are still yums! Nightlife is not so happening here. My favourite place to hang out at night is Longhorn Saloon @ Centerpoint because there's pool table and liveband performance, or you can stroll around the beach with a bottle of juice or beer, just sit on the benches, enjoy the sea breeze and call it a day.

This reminds me so much about 4 years ago. Same destination, same period different year, same old feeling but different companion. A trip I've been looking forward to, a getaway hoping to clear off my mind from all that dumbshits and distractions and just.. staying away from everyone who knows me.

Everything happened during our journey leave me feeling so unbelievable incredible vegetables. I did some of the things I never thought to have enough guts to do. I really went all-out this time(not the party part, though). Most of all, I can't believe how much fun I was having despite having to carry my heavy backpack & camera gears under the scorching hot weather looking for a hotel to stay.

This trip initially got canceled. I'm glad we made it happen.