Kanching Waterfall
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It was a great morning hike to the waterfall, a very simple and peaceful weekend away from the hectic city. We made it to the top for clearer and cleaner water. That fresh crisp morning air made it worth the uneasy hike we had to go through with slippers. & I'm all prepared for that sore I have to bear the next few days so yeah. (P/s: Bukit Tabur is 10x harder lol what a nightmare.) The rocks are extremely slippery and the water was very, very cold too.

Special thanks to Hong for inviting! It's really a nice experience.
8/365 - April 8, 2015

Last night, I bid farewell to my closest cousin sister. We had a simple dinner together with the rest of her siblings. I'd prefer to refer her as my sister because she's like my elder sister who will always be there for me whenever I need her. She's also like a close friend because I shared her almost everything about me, even my dirty lil secrets.

We actually don't meet regularly, maybe once in a month or two. I'm never good at words. Another night I broke down in tears when I found out she literally gave up everything she fought so hard here to go pursue her career in Hong Kong(it's just one flight away I know). My feeling has been very complicated ever since. She was here the past 10 years seeing me grow from a teenager to an adult now.

We used to live together, we hit the clubs, we danced shamelessly in front of each others, we made new friends together(we have lots of mutual friends), we went exploring new country, we hang out and make sure we had the best of times. I'm never left forgotten, she would buzz me once a while when she has plans and selflessly invite me to join.

Take care, my dearest!

To someone whom I can always count on, someone whom I can trust, someone whom I respect and someone whom I cherish a lot—you’re not just an ordinary cousin but a sister and close friend. Thank you for seeing me the same way I do, thanks for being patient with me, for being supportive and helpful, for all the encouraging words you’ve ever said to me, thanks for motivating me when I’m at one of the lowest point in life and for being just one call away when I needed you. Hope you are all prepared for your new life and challenges. I mean it when I say I want to talk to you on Skype as often as possible.

All the very best to you my dear! Take very good care & I shall see you in less than 6 months! xx
4/365 - April 4, 2015
6/365 - April 6, 2015

There's something about the deep blue ocean that draws and fascinates me. One spontaneous trip to our Singapore last weekend—just for the USS free tickets. As usual, it's always happy to spend time together with cuzzie's family. It's the wedding last Dec that got us a lot more closer than before, we spent a lot of time past few months making arrangements for the big day, along with CNY gathering back in Ipoh.

I wanted to utilise the limited time I have to meet up with some friends. Once I touched down in the afternoon, I went over to meet up with ex-classmates from college. The last time I saw them was about 5 years ago. So much to talk about yet we have so lil time. It was a great catchup session. After lunch, we walked over to National Design Centre for some architecture exhibition and took some photos there.

3/365 - April 3, 2015

Later in the evening, I met up with Juleun whom I haven't meet since 2009 wtf. We had dinner and walked through all the malls in Orchard area. It's kind of funny to think how things have changed. I can't help thinking about the good old times. I miss the group of us being silly but happy. I miss us skipping classes and making fun of teachers. Am I the only one among us who misses the good old days a lot? Gotta blame the cancer traits inside of me.