Furnitures Hunt

September 13, 2015

Nest Nordic

We spent our past weekends quite wisely by going to some home deco galleries for furnitures hunt and crossed a few things off our checklist. Phew, what a relief to finally get something done! We also went to new apartment to follow up with the renovation progress just last week. It got me panic and excited at the same time. It's been bothering me about how am I going to clean the whole house and make sure it's 100% dust free once the house is ready to move in.

I came across some articles online which described moving house as "biggest nightmare", "life's most stressful event", "more traumatic than divorce" & there's even "house moving survival guide" LOL. It's true, moving house is never easy. So what I did previously was to keep things as minimal as possible. Because I rent places all this while so it's easier to take control of what I have and what I buy, by having this mindset that "I'm not gonna stay at the same place forever", so that I won't end up buying a lot of things. However, I still have soft spots for certain things, such as my latest obsession with Lego bricks(I totally want to blame Joe for that).

The most difficult part about moving house has to be giving up stuff you have kept for a purpose(sometimes none). There's always time when you find something useful only after you lost them. #storyofmylife I often donate used clothes to charity so it's quite unlikely you'll find an old dress in my wardrobe, and trust me, I always regret letting those dresses go. I consider myself moving quite frequently the past 10 years but I don't bring everything as I go. Just like in real life, there's always something you have to let go.

Big & small boxes piling up in the room gives me slight headache everytime I look at it. Ugggh I simply can't wait for this to be over soon.

Thank God we're moving into a smaller space this time.

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