September 25, 2015

Hai Peng Kopitiam

Do it or nothing at all.

My motivation is kinda low, even though I have zillions of thoughts to spill out lately. I'm now forcing myself to write often. Just like I force myself to get outside a little bit each day to take photos. It's no easy start to achieve good balance and self awareness. When I got home after work I'm just drained out of energy. I've been spending the past few months with lots of TV series. Now that we finally have internet, I would hide in the room, where I get my private space to think, to jot things down, to be inspired, to make plans and write. Maybe I'm weird, but I would like to say I'm just too used to days living and doing things by myself.

I'm also trying to train myself to be spiritually tough. I think I have improved a lil bit each day, even sometimes I can't hide my true feeling, but that's just me, right? There are days that I can't handle too many things at one time, I feel like I'm absolutely going to collapse, I try to push it through and put a smile on and try to be okay despite the feeling. It's not so bad, at least I feel less guilty.

It's the state of mind that matters.

We will have lots of trips back to hometown this month, it's for the best reason—to attend weddings & of course it will be another big family gathering I'm really looking forward to.

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