So Many Weddings

October 20, 2015

Can you believe it's the last quarter of 2015 already?

It's the busiest week of the year I swear. So many birthdays and weddings falls on the first half of October. It's crazy! In fact, we have been busy with all these events since last month(imagine moving house + weddings + birthdays #ripme). I usually turn down all the weddings invites because I dislike socialise, I'm also kinda afraid I'll be seated with people I'm not comfortable with. But I can say I'm okay with it now. Joe & I have all the mutual friends for the longest years and we can now attend as partners. I like it especially the part where I get to meet a lot of long lost friends I used to know. It always took me by surprise whoever I'm going to meet. That feeling is strange but it was good. I love how we're all a lil shy but trying to be steady and talk a bit, and the last time some of us talked was probably more than 15 years ago. However, we did turn down few wedding invites this time because I want to reserve my day off for vacation.

One of the events this year I have been looking forward to is Eric & Candy's wedding, this is when the big family gathering happens again. It's true, the older I get, the more I appreciate family gatherings at any time. It somehow didn't turn out as good as I expected. I didn't get to talk to all the family members or even take pictures. But the silver lining is that CNY is just few months away!

And goshhh, I'm so done with all the wedding dinners.

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