November 15, 2015

En Route to Boracay

En Route to Kalibo Airport
En Route to Boracay
Sunny Side Cafe
Sunny Side Cafe
Sunny Side Cafe
Pancakes & Beers @ Sunny Side Cafe
Waffles @ Sunny Side Cafe

The journey to Boracay was kind of uneasy and tiring. Took us nearly 10 hours from home to the destination as we checked in to airport 2 hours earlier. Flew 4 hours, land transfer about 1.5 hrs then another 15 mins of boat transfer. We reached there at 5 but the sky was already dark. Crazy huh, so for the rest of the night we just take a stroll along the beach and checking out places we want to go the next day.

The one thing I really like about Boracay? The sun rises as early as 5 so during night time, we have the illusion like oh it's been 5 hrs since the sky turned dark so let's go to bed—in fact it's only 10pm.

On our first morning, after our complimentary breakfast in hotel, we headed over to check out Sunny Side Cafe, only about 50 steps away from our hotel. I read really good reviews about their foods. Upon arrival in front of the cafe, I'm in love. The colour of yellow is so eye-catching and it stands out so much with the clear blue sky in the background. I just can't be disappointed right?

The pancakes Joe ordered was too big of a portion, I understand now why they have remark on the menu that the pancakes is meant for sharing. It's big and fluffy. I also ordered waffles for myself, the portion is just nice. It has generous amount of nutella and slices of banana on a very well-presented plate.

I have too many photos taken this time and I don't think I'll ever have enough words to write about it. You can also check out my Flickr page if you want to see more of Boracay.

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