Movie Marathon

November 2, 2015

Last Tuesday was kinda like a movie marathon day to me because I was having really bad flu so I took a day off. It's a day where I finally got to have the TV to myself. I'm a sucker for rom-coms(especially from the 80s & 90s) and there's so many movies I have yet to watch.

Some movies that's off my list now: When Harry Met Sally (1989) is said to be one of the best rom-coms you can't missed. It certainly is one of my fav now, and with lots of memorable quotes, I can't be disappointed. It's a movie that goes by quickly and keeps you feeling excited about what happens next. The Bucket List (2007) is a heartwarming story about friendship and living in the moment. The ending part made me tear a lil; I love how simple and witty And So It Goes (2014) is. As a matter of fact, I randomly picked these movies to watch, later when I was looking for further details about the movies, I found out that these 3 movies happened to be produced by Rob Reiner. What a pleasant coincidence!

I'm looking forward for my next pick. It's been a while since I had my Friday night tradition—some good movies, wine and snacks on the couch/bed.

On the other hand, so happy this week is going to be a honeymoon week for all after a hectic week. And so happy that I received this book at the right time! Now I'm gonna get myself bury in the world of Sara B.

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