Since we're moving into new place soon, I've been looking up and down for some home design and deco ideas on Pinterest. Thank god for Pinterest because I get to see countless ideas and pin them for future reference, and with so many things to see on Pinterest, naturally you will have higher expectation of how your living environment is going to look like. As a designer myself, I totally understand some pictures of pretty spaces were taken for commercial purpose, that explains why it looks so clean, elegant and beautiful but it can be highly impractical at times. Back in the day we used to throw everything to a contractor or designer to do it but now that we can find so many ideas from Pinterest, Google and what's not, we're giving headache & pressure not only to ourselves but our contractor too. At this point, efficient communication is very much needed when it comes to making decision of the design and its practicality.

Looking back at some of my old pins, I realised people's sense of aesthetic do change. I see a totally different style from my current preference compared to the past. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to have home deco exactly like what I saw because I'm living in Malaysia where safety is a huge issue.

I've gathered a few pictures here.. As you can see I'm a huge fan of natural light(I'm a light chaser when it comes to photography too!) so these really caught my eyes. Not that it's useful for me now but I can save for the future when we have bigger space. :)

I won't be asking for too much. A perfect finishing of clean white wall and nice wood textured/pattern flooring is all I look into in my future house. & I must say a few things..

• White walls is really all I need.
• Full length windows in the house(!!). I want to take endless photos of everyone and everything.
• I would love some green plants indoor.
• Tiles wall for kitchen & bar table would be nice.
• Wooden desk is a must.
• I think Joe & I are secretly a hoarder. We might need a big display cabinet.
• Oh another one for his Legos, he probably need a toys room for himself.
• Some nice and simple wall painting. Making a combination of them is something to learn too.
• I would love some sideboards in the house!
• Carpets and more carpets!
• I would like an entryway where I can place umbrellas, shoes and bags.

Never thought I would feel so sad about Alan Rickman's passing. I was feeling really down the entire night after I saw it on the news. I'm surprised it has such impact to me. I'm not a super fan of J.K. Rowling nor Harry Potter's books, I just loved Harry Potter movies, which is something rather odd on me. I only began to watch Harry Potter movies when I was really bored one midnight and I couldn't stop but ended up in a movie marathon. I managed to finish that 6 movies just before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I) came out in theatre(which coincidentally falls on my birthday too).

Many months ago I told myself to do a HP movie marathon again as soon as I move in to new place, I even tried to convince Joe to watch it with me. How can he not, right? I loved those HP movies! I guess now it's gonna make me feel sad watching him in the movie again when in real life he had left us. T__T

• Alan Rickman's good bye letter to Harry Potter as the movie franchise wrapped up.
Floral tributes to Alan Rickman have been left at Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cross Station, London.
Daniel Radcliffe's Tribute to Alan Rickman — the best damned antagonist a guy could ask for.
• Another BTS clip shows Rupert Grint admitting that he once did a doodle of Alan, before getting a scare when he realised that the actor was behind him.
• Watch how Michael Gambon & Alan Rickman prank Daniel Radcliffe on set.
• J.K. Rowling finally revealed the clue she told Alan Rickman about Snape's character.
• Harry Potter's Oliver Wood(Sean Biggerstaff) pens tear-jerking tribute to Alan Rickman.
Kate Winslet gets emotional as she pays tribute to the late Alan Rickman at the Critics' Circle Awards.

May you rest in peace, Alan Rickman. You'll always be my favourite antagonist of all time.

It’s time of the year again where people start writing about new year resolutions & take time scroll through memories on Facebook. I would like to say that my 2015 is mainly about making memories. Since I’m free now(I’m at work actually lol), I shall list down some of the highlights in 2015!

• Visited Ringo Cafe in Malacca, happened to be my last time because they have closed down for good.
• Self-learned Ukulele. • Hiked Bukit Tabur for the first time, on Valentine's Day.
• Travelled to Krabi in March(link, link), Singapore in April(link), Bali in May(link), Boracay in Nov(link, link & link) & Bangkok last Christmas(link).
• Snorkelled and swam in the ocean without a life jacket for the first time.
• Kissed a girl. (*singing to Katy Perry's) • Hiked to the top of Kanching Waterfalls for a mini picnic.
Fell in love with my BFF whom I've known the longest time in my life.
• Took part in calligraphy class! • Met Peter Su and got his book signed!
• Bought a swan giant float & regretted not getting an electric air compressor.
• Started watching Running Man. • Given a red folding bike.
• Went to the National Zoo and finally saw the pandas.
• Celebrated our birthdays in Sunway Lagoon and saw white lions.
• Went to Pentatonix & Air Supply concert for free. • Watched Saturday Night Live Musical for free.
• Did cliff jumping for the first time @ Ariel's Point. • Witnessed a friend's proposal.
• Experienced LUXE cinema for the first time hahahaha
• Delivered more festive/birthday cards and postcards than I did previously. (I shall keep track of it)

And then, here's a list of the things I failed at getting it done FML.
• A new tattoo. I've been talking about it for the whole year.
• Take more photos with film camera.
• Save up for a new lens or film camera.

I guess.. that's about it!



昨天一整天,只要有多餘時間,都在IG上找視頻。光從HASHTAGS的指引下看了一堆的15秒錄影足以讓我好好好好好好感動,還一直DOUBLE CHECK,擔心自己會看漏任何一個VIDEO。其中一晚由BOYZ來擔任演唱會嘉賓的VIDEO,看得我很感觸,尤其KENNY和STEVEN眼眶含泪更讓我深覺感慨⋯⋯只能說,時間是殘忍的。


注:i) 以上照片皆JESSICA所有。 ii) 這篇文寫得太好。