A Few Things, Maybe More

January 7, 2016

It’s time of the year again where people start writing about new year resolutions & take time scroll through memories on Facebook. I would like to say that my 2015 is mainly about making memories. Since I’m free now(I’m at work actually lol), I shall list down some of the highlights in 2015!

• Visited Ringo Cafe in Malacca, happened to be my last time because they have closed down for good.
• Self-learned Ukulele. • Hiked Bukit Tabur for the first time, on Valentine's Day.
• Travelled to Krabi in March(link, link), Singapore in April(link), Bali in May(link), Boracay in Nov(link, link & link) & Bangkok last Christmas(link).
• Snorkelled and swam in the ocean without a life jacket for the first time.
• Kissed a girl. (*singing to Katy Perry's) • Hiked to the top of Kanching Waterfalls for a mini picnic.
Fell in love with my BFF whom I've known the longest time in my life.
• Took part in calligraphy class! • Met Peter Su and got his book signed!
• Bought a swan giant float & regretted not getting an electric air compressor.
• Started watching Running Man. • Given a red folding bike.
• Went to the National Zoo and finally saw the pandas.
• Celebrated our birthdays in Sunway Lagoon and saw white lions.
• Went to Pentatonix & Air Supply concert for free. • Watched Saturday Night Live Musical for free.
• Did cliff jumping for the first time @ Ariel's Point. • Witnessed a friend's proposal.
• Experienced LUXE cinema for the first time hahahaha
• Delivered more festive/birthday cards and postcards than I did previously. (I shall keep track of it)

And then, here's a list of the things I failed at getting it done FML.
• A new tattoo. I've been talking about it for the whole year.
• Take more photos with film camera.
• Save up for a new lens or film camera.

I guess.. that's about it!

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