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January 22, 2016

Since we're moving into new place soon, I've been looking up and down for some home design and deco ideas on Pinterest. Thank god for Pinterest because I get to see countless ideas and pin them for future reference, and with so many things to see on Pinterest, naturally you will have higher expectation of how your living environment is going to look like. As a designer myself, I totally understand some pictures of pretty spaces were taken for commercial purpose, that explains why it looks so clean, elegant and beautiful but it can be highly impractical at times. Back in the day we used to throw everything to a contractor or designer to do it but now that we can find so many ideas from Pinterest, Google and what's not, we're giving headache & pressure not only to ourselves but our contractor too. At this point, efficient communication is very much needed when it comes to making decision of the design and its practicality.

Looking back at some of my old pins, I realised people's sense of aesthetic do change. I see a totally different style from my current preference compared to the past. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to have home deco exactly like what I saw because I'm living in Malaysia where safety is a huge issue.

I've gathered a few pictures here.. As you can see I'm a huge fan of natural light(I'm a light chaser when it comes to photography too!) so these really caught my eyes. Not that it's useful for me now but I can save for the future when we have bigger space. :)

I won't be asking for too much. A perfect finishing of clean white wall and nice wood textured/pattern flooring is all I look into in my future house. & I must say a few things..

• White walls is really all I need.
• Full length windows in the house(!!). I want to take endless photos of everyone and everything.
• I would love some green plants indoor.
• Tiles wall for kitchen & bar table would be nice.
• Wooden desk is a must.
• I think Joe & I are secretly a hoarder. We might need a big display cabinet.
• Oh another one for his Legos, he probably need a toys room for himself.
• Some nice and simple wall painting. Making a combination of them is something to learn too.
• I would love some sideboards in the house!
• Carpets and more carpets!
• I would like an entryway where I can place umbrellas, shoes and bags.

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