January 27, 2016

Numbered Oil Painting

Weekend Activity

So this is what we did last weekend. For those who have not come across this numbered painting thingy, you must be thinking it's so lame and this numbered oil painting is for those who doesn't know how to draw and paint etc. I must say you're absolutely wrong. It may looks simple but it's actually not easy and very time-consuming and it definitely takes a lot more patience. It took us half of the afternoon to finish a 20x20cm piece of artwork.

Couldn't help to take few shots of him got so serious into painting this stuff with me. :)

Weekend Activity
Weekend Activity

We had 3 days straight of weekend which we can't be anymore happier about it. We spent our last day with mahjong session at Casey's place(OMG it's been a year since my last session!), dinner with Casey's family and have a cuppa at Cosans before calling it a day. I'm feeling really excited about CNY now and I'm expecting more mahjong and rummy session!! I'm going to take a whole week off for CNY I hope I can make full use of it back at home. Quality time with family & friends, fav beachy moments here I comee!

On a side note, I'm so looking forward to BKK trip this Friday—our first trip of the year, first trip with SW and EK before Taiwan in April. Just noticed I'm gonna travel with SW for all 3 upcoming trips this year. Most of all, I've been trying to explore more places with Joe since we've missed out so much. So for the past 6 months we've spent a lot making memories and travelling, we even do staycation.

Anyway, I think I have to stop travelling and start saving after my Birthday trip, seriously -.-

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