Of Lego Minifigs & Coffee

January 12, 2016

Lego Minifigs Series 15

Last Saturday we came home after lunch with a bit of excitement because we're finally going to unbox the mini figures Joe bought last Friday. It was actually kinda fun to touch and feel the packets while guessing which mini figure could it be. Joe was particularly excited about the dorky shark figure and I was looking forward to see the queen, the ballerina and the farmer with his pig. In the midst of all the excitement, joy and thrill, it's also very, very energy-consuming. ZV and girlfriend Chloe came to our place to unbox his minifigs too. So cute to see guys got all serious and enthusiastic with these toys.

At night, we went for coffee and waffles after dinner. D: I always tell friends that there's no reason I should go for coffee after dinner because I always eat so much that there's no more room for coffee and desserts. & I don't like to go out again when getting comfortable at home especially after a good shower. But the waffles is yummy I'll come back for more despite it's quite pricey.

Plan B
I almost forgot that I love these plain scones from Plan B!

This was taken on the next day. We drove to KL to check out the new IKEA then had a short coffee break at Plan B. After that we went home and spent the night laughing over Running Man. It's been a long time since we have the house to ourselves so we really want to take advantages of it and to fully utilize the TV. I'm totally digging this whole ordinary weekend thing. :o)

I've been listening to The Carole King Musical: Beautiful on Spotify lately, this and this beautiful performance during the Kennedy Center Honors in tribute to Carole King gave me so much chills.

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