February 5, 2016

Dealing with Heat

View from BTS
Street Stall

We heard about the sudden drop of temperature in Bangkok few days before we left so we're really anticipated the chill weather. But Bangkok being Bangkok, it's super sunny and hot as usual. We walked and stayed under the sun most of the time and it was super dehydrating. I didn't drink a lot of water so as what might have expected, I came home with even worst sore throat plus a flu and I had to skip work the next day.

For 3 days straight we walked for average of 12 hours per day. My god! Can you imagine how sore my feet was? I really think I've finished up the walking quota for the whole year. I went for massage 3 times max in a day. We bought so many snacks from Big C which was not in our plan, and for the first time we had to get cartons wrapped at the airport to make sure any packs of potato chips are not going to burst.

Street foods, wanton noodles, crepes(Union Mall has the best crepes in the world!), endless of coconut water and cha yen(it means iced milk tea in thai), bowls of mihun soup, taking the scariest tuk-tuk ride, braving the heat at Chatuchak, a nice foot massage we keep coming back to.. let's just sum this trip up with crazy, but it was more to fun part! We had so much laughters! We celebrated SW's birthday in the hotel room when clock strikes zero-zero(*insidejoke), KY's gf bought her a Winnie Pooh cake!

(I think I've also drank more Cokes in 4 days compared to my entire past year fml)

SW and EK left a day earlier so we had a full day to ourselves. We have no plans for that day but to visit this Huskies cafe. They have like 20 Huskies and it feels terrifying when group of them running around you. I couldn't help feeling scared of them. -_- Just look at their sizes and you'll get what I mean.

Truelove Cafe
Truelove Cafe
Truelove Cafe
Truelove Cafe
Truelove Cafe

But still, they're so cute isn't it?!

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