March 30, 2016

Singapore Getaway

So happy we got to see and smell cherry blossoms in full bloom! It was the last day of the sakura festival so we are really, really lucky!

Looking at my March photo collection made me realise this month was all about family & friends. I'm so happy to finally made up for some friends I have not met for a long time. Not to mention we also had a meal & drink with SW family and Shamim while we're in SG. I really enjoyed that few hours of "slow" weekend in a shaded and quiet corner of a bar—watching people, munching on finger foods, chit-chatting while sipping on our drinks, before getting ready for dinner.

I can foresee April is going to be a fast & busy one too.

March 17, 2016

Long Leg Oppa

Lee Kwang Soo Meet & Greet

If you don't already know, my sister is one of the biggest fan of Kwang Soo. So as soon as I find out it's a media event, I asked my writer if he was invited and the answer is yes! It's my first time to attend as media and it's kind of exciting!

Lee Kwang Soo Meet & Greet
Lee Kwang Soo Meet & Greet
Lee Kwang Soo Meet & Greet

First time shooting at an event and the pictures turned out surprisingly good! I have never failed to impress by what my camera can do!


Lee Kwang Soo Meet & Greet
Lee Kwang Soo Meet & Greet
LKS Signature & Note

Despite not being to meet her idol in person, I hope she's still the happiest person on earth now. ♡

March 14, 2016

March Update

You & I

I won a pair of tix to see Richard Marx concert last week. It was the best! I've always love acoustic one man show. I love every bits of it and I enjoyed the night so much. Joe said all we need is a bottle of beer and a glass of wine. It really amazed me to see how RM can sing through the night without taking a break in between or have a sip of water. He's surely one talented singer-songwriter with great sense of humour too. We laughed so much listening to his stories and small jokes. The highlights of the night would be his unplugged version of Angelia and that one song everyone has been waiting for—Right Here Waiting to end the show.

Last weekend, we went home to attend one of our schoolmates' wedding. Unfortunately only 4 of us were able to attend otherwise it will be quite a happening reunion. I also managed to catch up a bit with sis Clarence and her boys before the dinner. So surprised to find out Jayden is at the age of 8 now. Oh dear, he was only 2-3y/o when I first met him. D:

We did a mini reunion dinner with Quin and KY too. I really appreciate when we can make time to catch up despite everyone is busy with their own life, especially when some of them are not based in KL. We only spent a short 3 hours together but to me it's more than enough. :)

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