April 30, 2016


清境 • 觀星園
清境 • 觀星園
情境 • 櫻花
清境 • 觀星園
清境 • 觀星園
清境 • 觀星園
清境 • 觀星園

What better way than to wake up to this view, besides beaches?

I miss the silence and cold fresh air when we stayed at the highest point of Cingjing. Everyone was satisfied and contented with the steamboat dinner & breakfast that comes along with the price we paid. It's cold up there but it's also the "warmest" night of the trip as 8 of us shared a room together for this one night. We can catch sunrise just outside of the balcony, and even stargaze at midnight. Too bad it was very cloudy that night, as much as I love stargazing(I was hoping to try some milky way photography) but I'm not disappointed at all. The weather couldn't have been better for our 10 days in Taiwan, it only started to rain on the last day when we're about to leave to airport. I have absolutely no complaints. :o)

April 24, 2016


台中 • 中社花海
台中 • 薰衣草森林
台中 • 薰衣草森林

Apart from the long car ride everyday since early morning until the end of it, I must say it's definitely worth a few minutes stopover at each places just to take photos even the weather is so hot outside(poor Joe got sunburnt from it). I'm a total floral fetish. But it was quite disappointing not seeing these flowers appeared in big and full bloom. :( It's also very sad that tulips festival ended a day before I arrived in Taiwan.

台中 • 花梁鋼橋
台中 • 花梁鋼橋
台中 • 花梁鋼橋
台中 • 後豐鐵罵道
台中 • 後豐鐵罵道

The weather was good and chilly that morning. However we didn't manage to finish til the end of route because we should be leaving to next destination at that time. It was exhausting too as we don't usually workout LOL so.. auto bike? Take all my money please

台中 • 逢甲夜市
台中 • 逢甲商圈
台中 • 逢甲夜市
台中 • 逢甲夜市

I came home with the deepest regret that I didn't try to eat as much as I can. I had at least 2 pearl milk tea every day. I've been craving for the very juicy & tender flame-grilled beef cubes sprinkled with rose pink salt ever since. It's so heavenly it literally changed my life! (FYI I don't take beef) To be honest it looks like some stall you would just skip it because the raw beef on the grill looks very unappetising, not until you try it in your mouth; There, you have my word!

April 16, 2016

Hello Taiwan!

In The Sky


April 13, 2016

Taiwan 10D9N Itinerary

台中 • 彩虹眷村

As this is most of our first time to Taiwan so we only covered the top half from the map and leave bottom half for next trip. You can always check out the complete album of my Taiwan trip on Flickr and Vimeo. It's free!

Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport 10:45PM
 STAY  桃園 Taoyuan @ 生活機能優的獨棟房子(Heidi's Airbnb)

小人國主題公園(Window On China Theme Park)→ 勝興車站(Shengxing Station)→ 魚藤坪斷橋/龍騰斷橋(Longteng Bridge)→ 高美濕地看夕阳(Gaomei Wetlands)→ 逢甲夜市(Fengjia Night Market)
 STAY  台中 Taichung @ 逢甲五號民宿(Fengjia No.5 Hostel)

後豐鐵馬道(Houfeng Bikeways)→ 中社花海(Zhongshe Flower Market)→ 薰衣草森林(Lavendar Cottage)→ 勤美誠品綠園道(Gaomei Wetlands)→ 第四信用合作社(Dessert Cafe)
 STAY  台中 Taichung @ 逢甲五號民宿(Fengjia No.5 Hostel)

彩虹眷村(Rainbow Village)→ 九二一地震博物館(921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan)→ 日月潭遊湖(Sunmoon Lake)→ 埔里酒廠(Puli Brewery)→ 紙箱王(Carton King)& 小瑞士花園(Little Swiss Farm)→ 老英格蘭莊園(The Old England Hotel)
 STAY  清境 Cingjing @ 觀星園景觀山莊(Starry House)

清境農場青青草原(The Evergreen Grassland)→ 合欢山/武嶺观景台(Hehuan Mountain)→ 天祥(Tianxiang)→ 太鲁阁國家公園慈母橋/燕子口/布洛灣/長春祠/牌坊」(Taroko National Park)→ 花蓮夜市(Hualien Night Market)
 STAY  花蓮 Hualien @ 碧夏民宿(Be Sunny B&B)

七星潭(Qixing Lake)→ 花蓮清水斷崖(Qingshui Cliff)→ 南方澳漁港觀景台(Nanfang'ao Observation Deck)→ 十分老街(Shifen Old Street)→ 十分瀑布(Shifen Waterfall)→ 九份山城(Jiufen Old Street)→ 台北車站地下街(Taipei Main Station Underground Shopping)
 STAY  台北 Taipei @ 台北日記旅店(Diary of Taipei Hotel - Taipei Station Branch)

新北投溫泉區(Beitou Hot Spring)→ 陽明山公園(Yangmingshan National Park)→ 小油坑風景區(Xiaoyoukeng)→ 竹子湖海芋(Zhuzihu)→ 擎天崗(Qingtiangang Grassland Trails)→ 淡水漁人碼頭(Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf)→ 淡水老街(Tamsui Old Street)→ 士林夜市(Shilin Night Market)→ 西門町(Ximending)
 STAY  台北 Taipei @ 台北日記旅店(Diary of Taipei Hotel - Taipei Station Branch)

龍山寺(Longshan Temple)→ 台北101大樓(Taipei 101 Observatory)→ 松山五分埔(Wufenpu Wholesale Market)→ 饒河夜市(Raohe Night Market)
 STAY  台北 Taipei @ 台北日記旅店(Diary of Taipei Hotel - Taipei Station Branch)

BREEZE微風廣場(Breeze Center)→ 晒機市場 @ 台北當代藝術館(MOCA Taipei)→ 台北車站地下街(Taipei Main Station Underground Shopping)→ 西門町(Ximending)
 STAY  台北 Taipei @ 沐蘭台北時尚精品旅館(Mulan Motel Taipei)

10 APR
台北車站地下街(Taipei Main Station Underground Shopping)→ 永康街(Yong Kang Street)→ 這一鍋皇室祕藏鍋物(Dinner)
 STAY  台北 Taipei @ 璞邸城市膠囊旅店(Bouti City Capsule Inn)

11 APR
故宮(National Palace Museum)→ 中正紀念堂(Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)→ 華山1914文化創意產業園區(Huashan 1914 Creative Park)→ 板橋地鐵站(Dinner)
Flight to KL @ 11:45PM

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