May 17, 2016


台北 • 九分老街
台北 • 九分老街

We arrived at Jiufen around 6pm which is really late because most of the shops close at 7pm. So we quickly take a stroll down the streets and buy some souvenirs. Jiufen feels a lot like Genting back in Malaysia, but smaller.

I wish I could spend more time here at some of the vintage looking cafes. I know there's a few nice homestay around with really nice view but there's almost nothing you can do here after 7 when the shops are closed, so Joe was kinda against the idea of a stay here. Quite frankly, I prefer peaceful nights with nothing to do over happening one. A camera is all I need, I can entertain myself all day. Only if I'd come here by myself, it's something I would insist on.

Also if you like sending postcards, remember to purchase your stamps at Jiufen! They have impressive varieties of new and old stamps for you to choose from. If you buy from local post office or 7-11, they will give you the basic one.

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