June 13, 2016

桃園機場 • 再 見 台灣
桃園機場 • 再 見 台灣

I thought it would be nice if we can spend 4 days in Taipei as our last stop so I changed the itinerary, to give it an extra day by skipping Yilan. Later the same night I'm deeply regret with my decision. T__T There's nothing really special about Taipei unless you love the hustle and bustle of a city. I dislike city and long for home every single day because I'm staying in a capital city called Kuala-la-la Lumpur.

Taipei City welcomed us with a stiff breeze and high windchill on our first day. The rapid change of temperature each day made it hard to adapt. EK had fever on the first night and Joe on the following night. Thankfully our room equipped with lots of TV channels while the lobby offered unlimited drinks and breads, with washing machine and dryer at the back. There's a 7-11 just opposite us. So it won't be a problem to stay in most of the time.

I left Taipei city with mixed feelings. I don't do airport farewell & I hate saying goodbyes more than anything. Joshua and wifey insisted to send me off at the airport. They walked me to the departure hall where we bid our last goodbye. We gave each others a big warm hug before I walk in.

Ahh.. 'til we meet again. x