Blessed July

August 12, 2016

The Proposal

Hello everybody I'm back! I was on a month break travelling around, mostly back and forth my beloved hometown, trying to fully utilise the whole month before starting my new job, which is why I'm super busy.

But first, let me make an announcement.

Isn't this hard to believe?! I'm going to get married!!! I have never imagine myself as a married person. And marrying my best friend? It's really happpenningg!! I did not see this coming because as I know, the ring will only be ready by end of July. We are already half way through the wedding prep so I assumed this part will no longer be necessary.

But I should have realised! He's been trying to act naturally while he's not most of the times. He doesn't usually carry a messenger bag and he bought one before the trip just so he could keep the ring and take it out whenever the timing is right.


We flew to Penang then drove to Hatyai on the first day of July. We got to see the view of beautiful paddy field along North-South Highway at Kedah, it's breathtaking yet so quaint to look at. The journey was not too tiring, it's free and easy too. All thanks to Hans and Andrene's arrangement and hospitality, needless to say we had an awesome time!


God knows how excited I am to be able to see him live again. I was there 7 years ago when he first held his concert, it was an ultimate concert experience, his voice is so soulful and powerful as usual. I think I may have seated too close to the stage that I can hear the noises from front speakers.

But I still enjoyed every bits of it! All hail the king!


Before I fly again, we decided to have a family dinner for sis and my birthday celebration. We don't get this chance to celebrate together every year. It's very heart warming and sweet that everyone makes an effort. Even the cake looks rather sad.. I felt so loved!


And Krabi... never disappoints.

I remembered texting him and tell him everything about my trip(I'm so used to share him everything) and he would say "OMG I want to go there one day!" Many years have gone by, can't believe we are finally here together!

It was a very laid-back vacation. We spent a night in Phi Phi Island and 3 nights in Aonang. We have no plans at all, just us and a bike. And holidays are meant for doing nothing, right?


Flying to Singapore was never a part of my plan. But this was when I finally have time to do nothing and catch up on the dramas I missed. I spent time with KY and Jiyen at MBS for dinner and walk. The night view totally blew me away, I wish Joe was with us to admire the view.


Because birthday means you get to claim meal treats from different friends LOL. I managed to spend some time with my girls on a weekend at Greenhouse by Muir. Just another great catch up session, we even did a remake of photos taken many years ago. ♡

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