September 9, 2016

Hola Bangkok!

Urbana Langsuan

This is our 3rd trip within 9 months. -_- It's a different kind of trip this time as we stay in Langsuan area instead of the usual Pratunam. Man, I'm honestly so bored with Bangkok to the extent the each time I heard of it I feel so annoyed. I also dislike having to waste so much time in between waiting & flying.

Meeting Teddy for the first time is totally out of my plan. She saw my post and text me so we unhesitatingly plan for a quick date since she travelled alone, her time is pretty flexible. We met up at Platinum mall and walk to B Story Cafe next to Ratchathewi station, with the help of Google Maps wtf. It was so hot it hurts, we're sweating and also walking fast, trying to escape from the sun as we didn't wear sunscreen.

Desserts @ B Story Cafe

The spoons and plates are so lovely! Can I just steal these home?

About 2 hours passed and suddenly my phone rang... It was Casey, who thoughtfully ask if I can get back to hotel for a little gathering to celebrate his promotion back at their penthouse.

It's just difficult to say no when being asked right to your face..








Engagement Party

And we actually got thrown a surprise engagement party! They have planned this for months how sweet is that. The whole process has been recorded in video. I looked so puzzled at the beginning of it wtf. They have prepared champagnes and some Thai street foods. I never thought I could have a group of friends who would do this for us. I'm starting to like all the party planning and gathering thing.

I don't usually make up when I travel(especially in the hottest Bangkok) but I was in the mood to do so after a good sleep of 10 hours so how could I possibly not take lots of selfies right? (Thank god it's the same day they threw us the party or else I'll look damn ugly and pale I won't even have pictures to share)

Oh ya I finally made it to Moomin cafe! I'm beyond happy to know they have just opened one in Siam Center last March. Now it's off my checklist for my future HK or JP trip LOL

Moomin Cafe

I was really the happiest girl on that day.

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