Us 2

I consider myself a hopeless romantic(which is why I have a penchant for rom-coms) but I was never the person to think of a fairytale relationship in real life. I never thought for a second that I'm ever going to get married. I'm so fussy, melodramatic, bad-tempered, couldn't make up my mind, naggy, and stubborn with an unbearable OCD issue(and the list goes on). Besides, I've seen and heard so much about unhappy marriage and cheating stories. Eventually I became someone who's not much of a believer in true love & marriage.

Then you came along at the right timing. Caring and concerned, just as you always are.

It means so much to me writing stuff that I'd never have the guts to speak to you. We have grown so much from being kindergarten playmates to schoolmates then classmates, from friends to buddies then housemates, from BFF to family and now.. husband and wife. You never once failed to be there whenever I needed you.

It's only been less than 2 years since we're together as a couple. It still feels so surreal to sleep and wake up next to you. I still fall in love with you everytime I look deep into your eyes. I still get butterflies while waiting for you to come home for the dinner I made specially for you. I look forward to prepare breakfast on weekend while you sleep, even sometimes you can't really eat. I love how we often say the same thing at the same time. I love how our hands and arms fit into each other perfectly. I love that sparks between us. I love that you know what's on my mind without asking. I love that we share the same taste & mindset. I love that you hardly say no even to my ridiculous request. I love it when you laugh at my stupid jokes and ugly faces. All in all, I love how our imperfections made us such a perfect match. I'm happy when you are too, I guess it's what they called happiness, it's as simple as that.

Being with you have also made me truest person I have ever been. Thank you for putting up with me and coping with my crazy tantrums. You have done this by simply being yourself and loving me unconditionally. There are times where I cry over little things or over absolutely nothing and it is just hard to understand the complexity of this behaviour but you always got a way out of me. You make me feel so special even I can be quite a bitch sometimes. I must have done something good in my past life to deserve such a great man like you.

Joe, the love of my life, my partner in crime, my brother, my best friend and soon-to-be husband.. Are you ready for Saturday? I'm just as excited as you are!

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." — When Harry Met Sally
Backlane Alley @ Jonker Street
Backlane Cafe @ Jonker Street, Malacca
Backlane Cafe @ Jonker Street
Backlane Cafe @ Jonker Street
You In Film

+ Backlane Cafe: Every corners here are so Instagram-worthy. I get really excited seeing bricks wall, greeneries and all vintage collection display. They also served my orange juice in a cute house-shaped glass.

Mods Cafe @ Jonker Street
Mods Cafe @ Jonker Street
Mods Cafe @ Jonker Street

+ Mods Cafe: Just a stopover as we were touring around with bike. The space is really small, I guess that's why they restrict to 1 drink per person. Quite interesting to see a camper van in a shop. What surprised me most is they still use the old school cash register!
Rain Rain Go Away

I'm finally wrapping up this month's issue and going to prepare for next one. I'm worried I may not be able to finish up works before deadline cos we have 3 long weekends ahead in December. I'm also starting to get panic with wedding prep because we haven't even start working on the invitation list. Joe has been really busy with his job and everytime we finally sit down together, we really just want to watch TV and play games, or do nothing. We also haven't start discussing outfit choices for our pre-wedding shoot too which is going to happen in March. I'm having all kinds of anxiety now but I'm trying to tell myself to relax while I can.

It's been raining a lot recently. It gets too cold in office sometimes and I really don't like it. But any other day like weekend, I'd love to have those chilly weather while I do stuff in my cosy lil space.

Sunday looking like this

Anyway, it's been quite a while since we last stepped into a cinema. Finally taking the time(and money) to catch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them this week! I better remind myself to bring along a jacket or something.

"The contrast effect can ruin your whole life. A charming woman marries a fairly average man. But because her parents were aweful people, the ordinary man appears to be a prince. One final thought: Bombarded by advertisements featuring supermodels, we now perceive beautiful people as only moderately attractive. If you are seeking a partner, never go out in the company of your supermodel friends. People will find you less attractive than you really are. Go alone or, better yet, take two ugly friends." — Rolf Dobelli, The Art Of Thinking Clearly
Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls
Chicken Rice Balls

Going through every single photos from our Malacca trip makes me long for the next roadtrip. I will always have plans in mind, it's just matter of time when we can make it happen.

First thing we do when we arrived was to have lunch. So hungry and we're craving for something that's fulfilling like rice. Honestly I don't find anything special about the food here so I don't know what's with the hype of this restaurant, and they're strict—as in no order will be taken, your food will be served according to how many pax you have once you're seated. Since we're already there so we just queue along instead of trying to locate some local chicken rice balls restaurant. (I'm hungry already as I'm writing this)
沙爹佬 @ 隆安茶室
Under Construction

Taking river cruise is actually quite interesting cos you get to see Malacca from a different perspective.

River Cruise @ Malacca River
River Cruising
River Cruising
Malacca City

We have taken too many photos. I have in fact, brought 2 film cameras with me. 3 days ago I was happily unloading the film so I could send it to develop, only found out the camera wasn't even loaded with film

En Route to Malacca
Malacca River View
Shoplots near Malacca River
Kiehl's Mural, Jonker Walk
The Orangutan House, Jonker Street

This whole trip involved a lot of walking. By a lot, I really mean a lot. It's definitely not easy to find a parking spot around Jonker Street area. So we just parked our car and exploring the place on our feet, since most attractions are centralized at this area.

The Pines Hotel, Malacca
Afternoon High Tea @ The Pines Hotel, Malacca
Pool @ The Pines, Malacca
Film Stuck I

The check in process was relatively fuss-free. The room was spacious but the toilet was kind of small. We were given a complimentary afternoon tea set and cruise ticket, which we had decided to do that the next day. Everything was fine, it's sweet that we get to do this once in a while. The only thing I probably going to comment is the flooring. I always prefer carpet over marble tiles.

Jonker Street, Malacca
Inside Scoop @ Jonker Street, Malacca
Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Hiang
Film Stuck II

Later after dinner, we went back to Jonker Street again and walked over to this lil hidden bar called Reggae On The River, just like its name, it's located next to Malacca River. The atmosphere is undoubtedly very Bob-Marleyish, with only reggae music playing in the background. It reminds me a lot of the old Don't Tell Mama in Cherating, which used to be my favourite place to hang out. We spent about an hour listening to the sound of the crashing river, it's always so comforting, accompanied by the exciting voices of kids on their cruise ride. The lightings along the river was kinda dim, it's just nice to set up a nice ambiance—even the smell from the river was rather unpleasant, it's still the best place to unwind and have bottles of iced cold beer after a long day of walking. I almost fell asleep sitting on the rattan chair.

There goes the end of our first day in this historical city. It took me by surprise again how I really adore this city. It's always difficult not to like this place, isn't it? People are superbly welcoming, selfless and helpful. Most of all, they're extremely proud of their city and culture.
Home Is Where The Sunray Hits In

I woke up early on Saturday morning, rubbing my eyes through my way out to kitchen for some water to quench my thirst. This view got me admiring it for the longest time. It's actually quite rarely we get this much sunlight in the living hall so this is somehow quite precious to me.

A little update about my recent life—we went for a roadtrip to Malacca early Nov and have enjoyed every bits of it(more on that soon)! I also happened to learn cooking. We dine at home very often even with my limited recipes. Exercising and weekly badminton session have also become a routine. I do feel lazy sometimes, but it's a little weird without quick workout now. I made up a weekly "walk-a-lot" thing with Evon. We try to walk more and eat less for dinner. It's always nice to have a companion to keep each other motivated.

Tea Time
Weekend Lunch

November is coming to the last 2 weeks now, the next thing to look forward to will be our ROM & fam trip. :)
Back To School

Last weekend, we took the chance to visit our primary school on its open day. It's hard to believe we graduated 16 years ago. We did not have a chance to pay a visit to school since then. I woke up feeling grumpy on that particular morning because lots of sudden plan came in and it was very gloomy the whole morning, but thank god we made it. At least we managed to get this picture taken.

Everything in school looks so mini-size! Even the buildings look very short too. Now they have a guard house right beside the main gate. Upon entering the walkway next to the guard house, you'll see the the school map. The school layout isn't the same anymore. The canteen where we used to play jumping rope has moved to another corner of the school, the original canteen is now a multi-purpose hall and the old basketball court is now classrooms on a 3-storey building. It still surprise me to see how technology changes things through years. Like the good old blackboards, they now use whiteboards and TV/projector screens.

Back To School
Back To School
Back To School
Back To School

The classrooms interior and ambiance may not be the same anymore, but I'm still feeling jittery over the outlook of the building and classrooms. They look pretty much the same—still painted in yellow, and some unpretty bushes outside the classroom haha. Our standard 1 classrooms are still using the original old style windows, and the dental room where nurses show us the correct way to brush our teeth every year, is still there, except cuter, with illustrations of happy teeth on the walls.

The next day after school revisit, mum and I looked through old photo albums to find pictures of Joe & I so we could use them for our wedding slideshow. We found out so many pictures I have not seen before, especially my parent ones in their younger days and also my baby's photos. This will be the day I want to remember for the longest time. I love and enjoy that cosy feeling when my parent & I gather at living hall flipping through the album pages, reminisce the memories or simply just laugh at how stupid we used to look. :o)

And the fun part is definitely finding out plenty of my pictures in Joe's album.. which I have not seen it before nor remember anything about it, which is what makes them soooo precious! Now I want to believe Joe secretly admire me since small. *smirk* Or he probably is the only rich kid with a camera that time. Meh


We also found out we were in the same class during the first 2 years in kindergarten too!

4 YO
5 YO

Can you actually spot us!? Maybe next round we should pay a visit to our birth centre and our kindergarten, but the latter one had been completely refurbished more than 10 years ago.