Just Waiting For December

November 13, 2016

Home Is Where The Sunray Hits In

I woke up early on Saturday morning, rubbing my eyes through my way out to kitchen for some water to quench my thirst. This view got me admiring it for the longest time. It's actually quite rarely we get this much sunlight in the living hall so this is somehow quite precious to me.

A little update about my recent life—we went for a roadtrip to Malacca early Nov and have enjoyed every bits of it(more on that soon)! I also happened to learn cooking. We dine at home very often even with my limited recipes. Exercising and weekly badminton session have also become a routine. I do feel lazy sometimes, but it's a little weird without quick workout now. I made up a weekly "walk-a-lot" thing with Evon. We try to walk more and eat less for dinner. It's always nice to have a companion to keep each other motivated.

Tea Time
Weekend Lunch

November is coming to the last 2 weeks now, the next thing to look forward to will be our ROM & fam trip. :)

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