Look How Far We've Come

November 30, 2016

Us 2

I consider myself a hopeless romantic(which is why I have a penchant for rom-coms) but I was never the person to think of a fairytale relationship in real life. I never thought for a second that I'm ever going to get married. I'm so fussy, melodramatic, bad-tempered, couldn't make up my mind, naggy, and stubborn with an unbearable OCD issue(and the list goes on). Besides, I've seen and heard so much about unhappy marriage and cheating stories. Eventually I became someone who's not much of a believer in true love & marriage.

Then you came along at the right timing. Caring and concerned, just as you always are.

It means so much to me writing stuff that I'd never have the guts to speak to you. We have grown so much from being kindergarten playmates to schoolmates then classmates, from friends to buddies then housemates, from BFF to family and now.. husband and wife. You never once failed to be there whenever I needed you.

It's only been less than 2 years since we're together as a couple. It still feels so surreal to sleep and wake up next to you. I still fall in love with you everytime I look deep into your eyes. I still get butterflies while waiting for you to come home for the dinner I made specially for you. I look forward to prepare breakfast on weekend while you sleep, even sometimes you can't really eat. I love how we often say the same thing at the same time. I love how our hands and arms fit into each other perfectly. I love that sparks between us. I love that you know what's on my mind without asking. I love that we share the same taste & mindset. I love that you hardly say no even to my ridiculous request. I love it when you laugh at my stupid jokes and ugly faces. All in all, I love how our imperfections made us such a perfect match. I'm happy when you are too, I guess it's what they called happiness, it's as simple as that.

Being with you have also made me truest person I have ever been. Thank you for putting up with me and coping with my crazy tantrums. You have done this by simply being yourself and loving me unconditionally. There are times where I cry over little things or over absolutely nothing and it is just hard to understand the complexity of this behaviour but you always got a way out of me. You make me feel so special even I can be quite a bitch sometimes. I must have done something good in my past life to deserve such a great man like you.

Joe, the love of my life, my partner in crime, my brother, my best friend and soon-to-be husband.. Are you ready for Saturday? I'm just as excited as you are!

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." — When Harry Met Sally