Sunflower FieldSunflower FieldSunflower FieldSunflower Field

The car ride to Khao Yai was intensely exhausting especially when our hired driver can't speak nor understand basic English. Sunflower field being our first stop of our day tour, it quickly dissolves my frustration away. I wouldn't say it's well worth the ride travelling all the way to Khao Yai but I thought I must see it myself at least once.
Merry Christmas!

We set up a small christmas tree to give a boost of christmas vibes at home. We finally get to hang our Lego christmas ornaments on a christmas tree instead of placing it over my desk. And the real pine cone from Yanni delivered all the way from NZ last July, is finally making itself useful.

Merry Christmas!

Initially I wanted to make steak on Christmas Eve but I got lazy so we decided to order pizza delivery. No gift exchange between us because Joe bought a matching Lego phone case for us. :)

We're now legally husband and wife!

I was worried about the weather the whole night because it's been raining for the entire day, it just won't stop. I can't sleep well that night. After I get all my make up done the next morning, it's still raining outside and photographer told me to take my own sweet time because he can't start shooting anyway.

Knowing I can't do anything if the weather isn't going to get better, I decided to give up and just go with the flow. We managed to get some shots under the drizzles 20 minutes before our turn. So touched and happy that every VIPs in my life showed up to witness this very precious moment. I'm never good at thank you speech, I probably going to miss out anyone, but I'm really really thankful.

It's also happy to see my workouts finally pay off! Eventhough I was bloated than I usually am on that particular day. I also found my ideal cropped top and dress for this special occasion without much hassles, triple up the happiness.

We pre-planned a staycation at Majestic Hotel a month before. It's a wedding gift from EKSW. The room was so spacious to the extent we thought we got the wrong room. The bathtub got us so excited. And 2 sinks in the bathroom? Just as what I always dreamed of. As you can see the room was specially decorated, it didn't ring a bell until I check with the receptionist upon check-out that they actually requested this via e-mail. Aww these people!

What a relief, really! One thing off the list now. We have just collected the photos from photographer and have yet to filter the best ones & send to print. :)
Lil Giftbox For Him

I managed to prepare this lil gift box very last minute with the limited sources I have. Thankfully Joe was away for business trip for 2 days prior to our ROM weekend so I get to prepare this at ease. It's just a very simple gesture, I just thought I should let him know how I felt once in a blue moon, especially on special occasion like this.

With only the last night I have before he comes back, I went on searching high and low for the perfect bow tie. I bought this one from Tangs because it's the nicest and the most unique one I can find. The rest are very common like plain black, navy blue or red, some with itsy-bitsy polka dots. Green is not our usual colour but it goes very well with his planned outfit.