January 12, 2017

Flying with AirAsia
light leak surprise

It always give me mixed feeling being at the airport. I wouldn't call it my favourite place, but I like the excitement where I get butterflies in stomach every time I'm about to visit a new place or going back to an old place with different people, or better yet, alone by myself. I also like the feeling of being cut off and unreachable. It pretty much feels like I'm off from the world we all know and it's so good to have that feeling once in a while.

I'm not even halfway through posts about family trip to Bangkok yet. I really just need to jot everything down so that I remember how this particular place and situation made me feel before I forgot, especially when there's no visual evidences of the event.

Flying with AirAsia

Looking back through the past years made me realised how often I travelled. I guess it's the wanderlust in me, everytime a trip ends I will start planning and look forward to next one. Sometimes I can't help but ask myself, am I all set to settle down just yet? To think about it, I owed AirAsia gratitude for making it affordable for people like me, who hardly has any savings, to travel in Southeast Asia with limited budgets. Evon & I are really into being super spontaneous, whenever I have a place to go in mind I will pop the question to her and she'll mostly reply with a "yes let's go!" because why not if the tix rate is within our budget?


I happened to have a lot of airplane wing photos taken from the window seat. It's a love and hate thingy. I used to like window seat a lot, just to make sure I get enough sunlight for my food photos and whatever I'm going to do. Recently I always get the aisle seat, which is good because I don't have to bother anyone to get up so I can use the washroom.

Anyway, back to that question again—am I ready to settle down? I can tell you for sure–HELL YES! I want to believe even with being married and growing our own family, I'll still be able to do what I love. No one knows me better than Joe. I'm 101% sure he will allow me to do and pursue whatever I want. But of course I'm aware that I need to have sense of responsibility because I'm no longer by myself.

Well time is ticking, it's just another 134 days until our big day and we have so much to follow up and it's just so worrying and scary to think of! Joe is trying to calm myself all the time and tell me things will be solve eventually, let's just face it with an open mind. Last few days we had our first ever problem. One of our Airbnb stays in Jeju have been rejected and fully refunded, which really hit me like heart attack. Not only it's one place we were so thrilled to stay at but it will be one of the scenes for our pre-wedding shoot. I actually booked everything last September and innocently thinking we're only waiting for the day to come.

Wedding Preparation Tips #1: Always have a Plan B in your pocket.