March 13, 2017

Life Lately

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cafehopping last weekend

Can't believe it's mid March already. It's 2 weeks til our long waited Korea trip(I think we have waited for a year and more) while counting down to another 3 months plus til our big day. I have been so busy lately and I want to believe that it's a good thing. Ever since I come back from Saigon I haven't really got time to just sit down and refresh my memory.

The first 2 months of the year have been insane. We got even more busy since the day we brought home our adorable furkid whom we named Tofu. While being frustrated and stressed out with wedding preps, we got to learn to be patient and train her. She changed our lives completely and also in many ways. We are both new parent so it's so challenging yet so fun to train this lil girl. Most of all we're just so glad that she became a part of our family and brought so much joy to us more than we could ever imagine. This love and dedication is way out of my expectation, to the extent I think I may have love Joe lesser now.. Ha!

We have also started hunting for a bigger living space as we put family planning into our consideration. I still remembered how such a nightmare it was to move houses twice in a year. Now to think about packing stuff, even with our little studio apartment, it's still the scariest thing I want to refrain from thinking.

Sexyyyy babiesOn a side note, I have just downgraded switched from a Sony A6000 to an Olympus Pen-F. Olympus EP series have always been a dream camera in term of design instead of functionality. I ended up with a Sony A6000 few years back because it really is the best one available that time and after few years, it still is—which is why I managed to get all my gears sold out in one night.

The PEN-F is like a pint of craft beer: you drink it because it’s enjoyable, not because you’re looking for the most financially responsible way to increase your blood alcohol level.

When I first saw Pen-F, I knew it from the moment that I just have to bring him home. Well initially I thought maybe I can keep both, but think about the incompatibility of Sony and Olympus lens, and with financial condition being the core reason. I have come to the conclusion that if I really want another camera for my other lens, I will just get the past EPL series. So far, the results achieved by Pen-F have never fail to amaze me. I just can't wait to fully utilise it next 2 weeks!

The only downside is my outdated LR5 doesn't support ORF format from Pen-F. Even so the quality of JPG is good enough as processed by the camera itself so it's fine.

拍它多于用它拍 -_-*
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