Time flew by in a blink of an eye, today marks the last day of my favourite month.

What a huge relief that our wedding is finally over. Nothing really changes though. We have been staying together for almost 2 years. Basically everything is going well as how it's planned earlier, which includes being successfully conceived.

Yes you heard it right! There's a bun in the oven!

Let's just leave the wedding topic aside. The truth is.. I have been too busy being pregnant. I felt horrible for the first few months until recently.. my morning sickness just got better, my fatigue has slowly gone away, my nausea and dizziness are still unpredictable but I've got a way with it. I'm definitely hormonal(even if I'm unpregnant haha) and became very anti-social. I'm trying to feel better about these changes in my body and be optimistic about it.

With all that being said, I can finally skip my afternoon naps now and not feel like an useless person. I can go for grocery shopping and come home to prepare dinner for Joe. I can even take Tofu out for evening walks. I'm not moody to blog/share too. What a blessing! It's just so happy to think about I can finally act like a normal person. T_T Sometimes I don't even remember I have a life growing inside of me.

I have also been attending hypnobirthing classes with Joe to get a better understanding about birth and learn about the effective ways to natural birth, to understand that my body was made to give birth to little humans and most of all, to overcome my fear. After only 2 classes I'm starting to look forward to meet this little cupcake in my tummy and quite eager to experience labour.

I went for a detailed scan the other day and I was completely amazed by everything an ultrasound can show. Seeing the baby making moves and kicking is just something really amazing to look at even I can't feel it yet. For the most part, it was a huge relief to finally learn that my little cupcake is all healthy and growing stronger each day.

Can't wait to meet my gynae next month already!