Hello December!

December 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Baby Tofu!

I'm so happy we managed to throw Tofu a mini birthday celebration at home last weekend before we send her off to nanny(haha) in preparation of the day and my admission to confinement centre for a month. I have been telling baby to stay good and well so that I can celebrate with Tofu JJ before her arrival, not really a believer in belly talk but guess she heard me!

Loves of my life!

This year had been all about anxieties—pre-wedding depression, pregnancy anxiety, house hunting/moving pressure... Arghhh how can all the life's big events are happening in a year? We have been counting down since last Q4, seriously. Before one get checked off the list there's always something new coming up next. I'm glad everything is coming to an end before next Q3(?), I hope! I'm type A person, I get panic attack and stressed easily. For that, I'm truly & deeply blessed to have such a patient husband like Joe by my side.

Since I quitted my job before the wedding(hence I'm very poor) and was really bothered with pregnancy sickness for the first 5 months, it was really the most horrible experience in my life. Which is why I owed it so much to Tofu and I'm also thankful for her. With a new family member on her way and soon planning to move into a new house, any financial situation must be taken into account for every decisions we make. And since I'm no longer making decisions on my own, there's always something we/I need to sacrifice for one another—here comes challenging part of marriage, I'm so used to be independent and it has always been about me and myself.

How time flies, I'm in the last weeks of my pregnancy already. Lil cupcake is still actively punching and kicking to the extend I sometimes feel like puking. I'm still scared and worried, at the same time I'm getting very impatient already. Everyone is showing so much love to her before she's even born, I can't imagine how well pampered she's going to be.

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