The Birth of Alyssa

December 26, 2017

It's been 2 weeks since the birth of Alyssa. I could still remember the earthy scent of her when she first handed to me fresh from vagina. Still find it hard to believe I actually did it. I can't say I have finally overcome the fear of labour, but thank god this whole new level of pain tolerance and childbirth experience is finally over!

Crying Out Loud

Initially I wanted to have all natural childbirth(it makes complete sense why I signed up for hypnobirthing class), we decided to get induction due to low amniotic fluid on 39W1D. From anxiety to fear, then I was completely traumatised. The pain came too quickly I wasn't able to breathe through it. Getting any form of pain relief was never part of my plan because I'm really afraid of needles and the side effects. I almost do though, the pain was so intense I nearly ask to be killed. I found myself persistently inhale on laughing gas. At about 6PM, labour was progressing real slow so they decided to put me on Pitocin to speed things up. Fast forward to 8:30PM I was told to get ready to push. Active labour lasts for about 3 hours, so I was considered very, very lucky as a first-time mum!

Bath Time!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to practise hypnobirthing skills I learned from class, but the rainbow relaxation music is extremely helpful to put me to sleep through my pregnancy. I also did the perineum massage and kegel exercises very regularly—it is said to reduce chance of tearing and episiotomy. So there's no tear & stitches for me I can still walk like a champ after delivery!

I made a public confession to thank Joe for being such a wonderful husband on FB the other day & I didn't mention about the hospital staffs. I wouldn't have done it without them too. I was really lucky to have a bunch of helpful, compassionate, supportive and patient midwives and nurses. I felt like I owed it so much to them especially when I was so vulnerable in the labour room. I didn't know the voice of nurses can be so comforting in the midst of chaos. It's amazing to see how they can handle the worst side of me when we're complete strangers. And my gynae Dr Nic, of course! I love him! My very crucial 3 days after delivery is very smooth sailing. My postpartum recovery is going well, so is my breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding is really not easy. Breast engorgement and cracked nipples are yet another whole new experience of pain. I was suffering in pain in my first week I felt so resisted to have baby latch on me. I was also stressed not having enough of milk supply. I didn't want to give up even Joe told me to, as I know breast milk is the best food I can give to my baby.

Save me, mummy!

Childbirth is indeed a very rewarding experience. It's probably strange to have this come out from my mouth but yeah, I'm already looking forward to have another child but when the day comes, I look forward to handle labour with a peace of mind.

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