We made a spontaneous trip to Singapore last month, just few days after we moved in(finally!) for a weekend to meet my SIL and SW, it's just so great we got to spend time together. We also went to the zoo, which was something I really looked forward to but they were having company events for families so it was really packed.

Singapore Zoo Trip
Lunch @ Haji Lane

I guess the (most unexpected) highlight of the trip has got to be Mamma Mia Musical. I happened to find out on the newspaper when I was just flipping through at the hotel lobby. I had been telling Joe how awesome it was and I would pay for the front row next time because it would be totally worth it. Isn't this destined to be?! That I get to watch it again? So without a doubt, off we went! Upon arriving at the theatre entrance, most guests are decently dressed for the occasion, except for us. We went in with Aly of course, and we have to keep her busy with snacks or toys at all time so she wouldn't make a sound, which is entirely impossible.

When the show began, she started to lose her patience and I was then invited to leave the hall by an old lady who was in charged of my section. I'm really thankful for this lady as she didn't just walk away but stayed by my side to cheer me up. I felt so much better talking to her. About 15 mins later Joe reach out to me, he knew I really wanted this, so I passed over baby to him and went back inside for the show while he watched it outside on screen.

I just remembered about wanting to compliment this old lady to Sands Theatre thru email but goddamnit I forgot her name by now. And Joe, thanks for making my dream comes true, you've done it again! ♡

離正式搬家的日子真的不遠了,WHAT A RELIEF! 可是人生就是這麼的諷刺,當我們越接近入伙的日子,平时被忽略的窗外风景显得特別的美,特別的藍。Now I'm super reluctant to leave this place! 以後的家望過去對面,看到的會是隱隱約約的人影,或者是鄰居在陽台各種活動。


Fisheye always reminds me a lot of all the fun times I had when I was in my early 20s. Sing K, club scenes, food hunting, beach trips etc... Here's some last few shots from fisheye camera who has served me well for the last 10 years! The film was actually long abandoned in my camera before I realised it years later. Sadly the advance wheel was kind of stuck, I couldn't roll to next frame for another shot multiple times before it went totally dead.

The whole film resulted in only 6 shots in total, including 2 underexposed shots. 😭

Poolside at our new place. The sunset from where I stood was really stunning the other day.

Went Genting for a night just to spend some quality time with this one.

Film photos are always surprising aren't they? I was lucky to find a brand new Lomo fisheye selling less than half of the retail price few months ago on Carousel! 😍 Guess I will just keep this spoiled one to display at our new home!

Last year seems to be all about wedding and pregnancy, gives me shivers just to think of these keywords(!). I regretted not taking more photos during with my belly though, as I spent most times of the last pregnancy being worried about what kind of unfortunate events could possibly happen. 😑 Thank God for these not-so-meaningless photos that almost left forgotten, a good reminder that my 2017 wasn't so terrible because I actually travelled to few places, it's not that bad afterall.
Baby Boss
She'll always be fine with snacks.

Baby Boss
..or Pinkfong videos!

It's hard to me to have my camera with me now when I have a diaper bag and a baby to carry most of the time. Last week I went out for quick lunch nearby where I can also do my grocery next door. Never thought it would be a nice place to take photos because the surrounding was all full length glass windows that brings in ample natural light.

At The Grocer
At The Grocer
I guess she's not fond of the veggies section.
National Day #malaysiabaru

Obviously it would be difficult for us to go all the way to Putrajaya for the national day parade(sources suggested we should reach before 7AM to avoid massive traffic!) so I made us another plan—which is to dress up for photos at Dataran Merdeka instead. KL has always been a favourite for street photography. And boy I can't believe how much it has changed, I used to be around here so often. It's so tourist-friendly(even for the locals) now with road signs everywhere that it's possible to explore KL city just by walking. We took advantage of the LRT right beside our condo and traveled to Masjid Jamek where our short KL street tour began.

峇里島真的是個充滿驚喜的地方。這一次朋友安排住在CANGGU區。雖然比上次的NONA'S BALI來得方便,可是住宿和設備都比上次的VILLA遜色很多。(突然好懷念當時候自家廚師住的炒麵和煎蛋,園丁在大家喝茶時段剪草澆花,打掃的則忙著打掃房間⋯⋯ 我就整個少奶奶邊喝茶邊監督地舒服臉 😂 哇那畫面~)

這一次帶了兩部相機和一顆鏡頭,最後還是敗給貪方便的心態和不想(寶寶的)背包那麼重而放棄了比較重的PEN-F和鏡頭,只帶了COMPACT型的MJU-II,沒想到漏光程度這麼的放肆!😏 這也是我第一次用FUJICOLOR C200,個人是覺得這底片色調太適合拍SUMMER HOLIDAY了!

Breakfast Situation
I spent one productive month in my hometown after election day(hooray to the new Malaysia!). It always started with lunch outside and come home trying to make baby have her naps. At least I've got lots of helping hands(thanks mum, sis and in-laws!) with the baby while I can do things such as meeting with friends over a cuppa or simply just enjoy my shower.

Samyeon Street
Samyeon Street
Samyeon Street

This day last year, we set our feet in the land of Kimchi, with a heavy heart following the passing of Joe's beloved grandma, just few days before the trip. Well, it sure felt surreal, as I never thought I would visit Korea so soon and it was never in my list. It's very important to do your own research beforehand because everywhere in Korea is accessible via public transport at your convenience. All you need is to know where do you really want to visit or give it a go; otherwise it's very, very straight-forward, you can easily google the directions.

I must admit when I first look at the subway map, I got really frustrated and stressed out. Firstly, I was never into Korea. I have zero idea about Korean artists other than Song Joong Ki & the Running Man crews. I'm also not a fan of K-beauty products so Korea is really something new and strange to me.
Changing time!

Raising kid indicates new challenges everyday, there's always something new and different. But what a privilege it is to watch your own child grow each day. There are days I feel extremely terrible when baby is being extra cranky but deep down inside, I'm enjoying every single moment. Truth be told, in the near future I probably won't remember the bad days or how the day felt so long when Joe is taking forever to come home from work. I also won't remember how many inches she grow or how much weight she gained each day.. I will only remember how she responded with a big smile the each time I make funny faces and how she melts me in every little thing she does whilst amazed by my ability to make such cute baby, I'm sure it crossed every mother's mind right?

Close Up
Close Up
Look at her! She's definitely growing up to be a daddy's girl.

Alyssa is 3 months old as of today, it also marks the 3rd month of me being a SAHM! It all seems to have happened so quickly and I still can't get used to having someone to call "my daughter". I can't wait for her to grow up and have more interactions with us; at the same time I wish the time could stop so she will always stay little in my arms.